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The proper use of a tea tasting cup is also important: pinch the teacup with your thumb and index finger, support the bottom of the cup with your middle finger, and curl up your ring finger and little finger. Take a sip of tea. Generally, a cup of tea is divided into three sips and should be enjoyed slowly. There are also many types of tea tasting cups: porcelain, ceramic, purple sand and glass. The shapes of these cups are exquisite, especially those with colorful pictures on the surface which make them more eye-catching and attractive.

The purpose of a tea cup is to serve and enjoy tea.

A tea tasting cup, used to taste tea and appreciate the soup color. Therefore, the tea tasting cups are mostly made of porcelain, purple sand or glass.

Smell the fragrance cup, smell the use of fragrance, than Pinming cup slender. Usually used in combination with Pinming cup. The benefits of using it: one is that the heat preservation effect is good, which can make the tea stay warm for a period of time, and the drinkers can also hold the neck of the cup to warm their hands for a while; two is that the taste of tea aroma scattered slowly, so that drinkers can enjoy tasting. Now let’s brew a good tea for everyone with Pinming cup and smell the fragrance cup!

First, use a warm cup and washing tea water to wash the Pu’er tea cup and aroma cup. After the first brew of tea is ready, pour out the water.

Pour out the warm water from the teacup. Then fill the [aroma cup] with tea broth, note: Seven-seven tea (seven parts of tea broth, three parts of feelings. There is an ancient saying that “Tea is full of deceiving people”, if you fill it up with tea for me, it’s too much deception; if you fill it up for yourself, it’s deceiving yourself!–Zhou Jin).

Before pouring tea from the teapot into the sniff cup, make sure to dry off the water from the bottom of the cup.

Pour the tea cup onto the scent cup. It is called “Dragon and Phoenix are auspicious” or “Husband and Wife Harmony”.

Then flip the buckled cups over. It’s called “carp flipping”. Of course, everyone can also flip the cup with one hand, called “white crane spreading wings”.

Raise a cup in a toast and drink tea.

Take the scent cup out from the tasting cup. Hold the tasting cup with your left hand and take the scent cup with your right hand, remembering to scrape off any tea drips from the rim of the cup (you don’t want tea stains on your clothes!).

Smelling the aroma. After smelling the fragrance, everyone can pick up a teacup and have a taste. When tasting, hold the cup with the correct gesture.

Ladies’ cup gesture: Hold the cup with your right hand, pinch it with your thumb and index finger, support the bottom of the cup with your middle finger and spread out your orchid fingers.

Men holding a cup gesture: Right hand holding the cup, thumb and index finger clamping the cup, middle finger supporting the bottom of the cup, men should not spread out their orchid fingers. This kind of cup holding gesture is called “Three Dragons Protecting the Tripod”, three fingers are known as “Three Dragons”, and the teacup is like a tripod.