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When selecting teaware for brewing tea, there is a certain standard to be followed. Different types of tea should be matched with suitable teaware. Generally, attention should be paid to the color of the teaware’s appearance. Only when the function, texture and color of the teaware are coordinated can an ideal combination of teaware be selected.

The color of ceramics is closely related to the mineral composition of the body or glaze, while the same mineral composition can also vary in different colors due to its content. Ceramics are usually fired with iron-containing clay, but different temperatures and oxidation levels result in yellow, red ocher, brown, gray and other colors. The patterns of porcelain are always rich in variety and varied.

The color and pattern of tea sets mainly refer to the color of the materials used for production and decoration. Generally, it can be divided into two categories: cool tones and warm tones. Cool tones include blue, green, cyan, white, gray and black; warm tones include yellow, orange, red and brown. The selection of color of tea sets is mainly about choosing the right combination of exterior colors. The principle is to match with tea leaves. It is better to use white for the inner wall of drinking utensils in order to reflect the real color and brightness of tea soup. At the same time, attention should be paid to the color matching among pot, bowl and cup in a set of tea sets, supplemented by boat, plate and cover to achieve harmonious unity. If auxiliary supplies are matched based on the main color of tea sets, it will be perfect. The suitable colors for various teas are roughly as follows:

Tea set: Blue and white porcelain cups, bowls, lids and teapots.

Yellow Tea: Milk-white or Yellow Glazed Porcelain, and Yellow-Orange Color Teapots, Cups and Bowls with Lids.

Famous green tea: Transparent glass cup, should be without color, without pattern, and without lid. Or use white porcelain, celadon porcelain and blue-and-white porcelain cup without lid.

Red Tea: A combination of white glazed purple sand, white porcelain, red glazed porcelain and warm-colored porcelain teapots, cups with covers, bowls with covers or coffee pots.

Oolong tea: Purple clay teapot and cups, or porcelain teapot and cups, covered bowl, covered cup. Grayish-brown burnt pottery teapot and cups can also be used.

White tea: White porcelain or yellow clay pottery teapot, cups and interior walls with black porcelain.