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Drinking tea is now a very popular health method, and for many tea lovers, drinking tea has become a daily necessity. Tea can be used to replace water~Now let’s learn what kind of tea is suitable for Ru kiln teaware. Come and have a look if you are interested!

Ruyao’s shape looks generous and classic, with a unique color. Ruyao will also change with the light. So what kind of tea is suitable for Ruyao teapot? In fact, Ruyao teapot has no strict requirements for tea making, any kind of tea is ok. It’s not true that some teaware can only make one type of tea, there is no such rule as “one teapot for one kind of tea”.

However, if we are to say what type of tea is best suited to be brewed in Ru Kiln teapots, that would certainly be the case. The difference between Ru Kiln teapots and purple sand (zi sha) teapots lies in their respective air hole structures; while purple sand teapots feature a double-hole structure, Ru Kiln teapots have smoother outlines, which in turn help bring out the best qualities of the tea. Oolong tea has a stronger flavor, thus making it particularly suitable for brewing with a Ru Kiln teapot!

Brewing Red Tea: Besides being the best choice for brewing Oolong tea, Ruyao teaware is also a great option for red tea. When you pour the brewed red tea into a Ruyao teacup, you will find that there is a halo on the cup wall, which looks very visually striking. Therefore, it can be said that using Ruyao teaware to brew red tea is very aesthetic and suitable for female friends.

Brewing green tea: It is a great choice to use Ru Kiln teaware for brewing green tea. Green tea has a light taste, and the Ru Kiln without porosity structure is very suitable. It can ensure that the aroma of green tea will not be absorbed, allowing you to taste the most fragrant and original green tea when drinking it.

How to clean the tea stain on your Yixing teaware?

Using potatoes

If you find that Ruyao teaware has a strong and difficult to remove tea stain, then you need to use potatoes to clean it. The starch in potatoes has good adsorption capacity, which can easily remove the dirt of the teaware! The method is to cut the potatoes into pieces and put them into the teaware, pour in hot water to soak for about ten minutes, and then clean it up!


Toothpaste, which we use in our daily lives, is also a great helper for removing tea stains. If you pay more attention to the cleanliness of your teacups, you can brush them with toothpaste after each tea-making. Squeeze some toothpaste on the teacups and gently brush with a toothbrush. You can also wait for one minute before cleaning.

Kiwi powder or kiwi juice.

Both orange powder and orange juice can be used to remove tea stains well. Add the orange powder or orange juice into the teaware, fill with water and let it soak for two to three hours. Then simply brush it lightly and the tea stain will be gone!