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1. Natural and healthy: the teapot is made from clay, which has no chemical contamination and ensures your drink is natural and healthy.
2. Easy to use: the pottery is made with an ergonomic handle, making it easy to hold and pour tea.
3. Heat-resistant material: made from quality clay that can withstand high temperatures without cracking or breaking.
4. Long-lasting material: as long as you take care of your pot properly, it will last for years to come.
5. Aesthetic beauty: there are a variety of styles of purple clay teapots, each one having its own unique look that adds a decorative touch to your home decor.
6. Rich in minerals: The clay used for these teapots contains many beneficial minerals such as iron and magnesium that are beneficial for your health when ingested through drinking tea or other beverages brewed with this type of pottery.
7. Preservation of flavor: It helps preserve the original aroma and flavor of the tea, allowing you to savor its taste with every cup you brew from it.
8. Eco-friendly design: No harsh chemicals or toxins are released into the environment while using this type of teaware, making it an environmentally friendly choice compared to other materials used in brewing tea such as plastic or metal pots and kettles.
9. Cost effective price : Since they are made from quality clay , they do not require excessive amounts of energy or resources to produce, making them very cost effective when compared to other types of teaware available on the market today .
10 . Versatility : You can use this type of pottery for brewing various types of drinks , not just tea , but also herbal infusions , coffees , hot chocolates , mulled wine and more !
Top 10 Benefits of Zisha Teapots! Zisha teapot brings people not only its attributes as an instrument, but more a kind of cultural accumulation and precipitation, which is a spiritual kingdom of construction and continuity. Zisha teapots have ten benefits, below let’s go into detail to understand them.

One of the ten unique benefits of purple sand tea sets: “The Yixing teapot is made of coarse sand, and the sand has no soil air”. It is also said that “teapots made of sand are the best, because they do not take away the fragrance or have cooked soup odor. Therefore, when making tea with it, the original flavor will not be lost, and its color, aroma and taste are all contained”. This is a summary from ancient people. In other words, if you make tea with a purple sand pot, as long as you fully understand the nature of tea and water temperature, you can make good tea with “concentrated fragrance and mild sweetness” and “fragrance without dispersal”, which has a more mellow and fragrant flavor than other material teapots.

The second of the ten unique benefits of purple sand teapots: “Zisha teapot, tea infusion overnight without spoiling in summer”, the tea soup is not easy to spoil and mildew and not easy to get mossy, so it is easy to clean without much effort. It is worth mentioning that the “overnight without spoiling in summer” here refers to no spoilage even after overnight during summer. Although in terms of tea ceremony, it should be “turning over and drinking” and “emptying after drinking, removing residue immediately”, which means drink when ready and clear away the tea residue afterwards; however, with modern people’s busy lifestyle, leaving tea residue in the pot for a few days is also common. For this matter, Qing Dynasty literatus Wu Qian recorded his clever method for cleaning pots: “If the pot has been stored overnight with odors from other ingredients or brews, fill it up with boiling water and pour out quickly, then flush cold water until its original vitality returns.” Readers may try it out.

Third of the ten unique benefits of purple sand teapots: Purple sand clay is a kind of fine teaware between pottery and porcelain, with a unique dual air hole structure, excellent air permeability and no leakage. Due to this characteristic, it can absorb tea juice, and the pot can be used for a long time. Naturally, “rust (tea mountain)” will accumulate on the inner wall. At this time, even without tea leaves, boiling water can also make a faint scent of tea.

Fourth of the Ten Benefits of Purple Sand Teapots: The longer a purple sand teapot is used, not only does the pot body become more glossy and lustrous, but also according to “Yang Xian Ming Pot System”, it is said that “long-term use of the pot, wipe it every day, its own natural light, can be seen by touching it”. This refers to often using a dry cloth to wipe it, which makes it appear more mellow and charming. This is also why people in China are so keen on “nurturing their pots”.

Fifth of the ten benefits of unique purple sand tea sets: Purple sand has a good heat resistance and cold-hot rapid change performance. Even if boiling water is poured in during cold days and months, it will not easily expand and crack due to sudden temperature changes.

Six of the ten unique benefits of purple sand teaware: The heat transfer of purple sand is slow, which makes it less likely to scald when in use, and it is also resistant to high temperatures, so it can be boiled on low heat. Therefore, purple sand pots made from purple sand are very popular. In addition, because of its slow heat conduction, it also has good thermal insulation, which is a rare feature for semi-fermented tea.

Seven of the ten unique benefits of purple clay teaware: Purple clay has good plasticity and ductility, combined with special and accurate kettle-making skills, so the finished product has a tightly sealed lid and very few gaps, which reduces the flow of air containing moldy bacteria into the pipe head of the pot, thus relatively prolonging the time for tea soup to deteriorate and benefiting human health.

Eight of the ten unique benefits of purple sand teaware: The color and texture of the sand can be changed by the skillful hands and ingenious ideas of generations of artists, creating a variety of colorful and intricate patterns, deepening its artistic characteristics.

Nine out of the ten unique benefits of purple sand tea ware: The high plasticity of purple clay makes it difficult to cast, but its shaping techniques are countless and not limited to concentric circles like hand-pulled blanks. Therefore, the variety of shapes of purple sand wares is unparalleled in the world.

The ten unique benefits of purple sand teaware: Through “tea”, purple sand teaware has attracted many painters and poets to inscribe poems and paint pictures on the pot bodies, expressing feelings and emotions, which further enhances the artistry and Humanistic quality of purple sand ware.