• by vinux

What kind of teaware do you usually use to drink Pu’er Tea if you love tea?

Nowadays it is convenient to boil water with “instant boiling”. When brewing some good Pu’er tea, a copper or sand pot should be used for open-fire boiling to maintain the activity of the spring water and increase the water temperature.

Tea cup: It is generally suitable to use white porcelain or blue and white porcelain in order to appreciate the intricate soup color of Pu’er tea. The tea cup should be larger than that for Kung Fu tea (Oolong tea). Drinking tea with thick-walled, large cup and big mouth is able to not only adapt to the strong flavor and sweet scent characteristic of Pu’er tea, but also be closer to Yunnan people’s rough tea drinking custom.

The most commonly used vessel for brewing Pu’er tea is the covered bowl: due to its elegant style that best reflects the beauty of Pu’er tea colors, it allows free appreciation of the color changes of Pu’er tea soup, thus making the covered bowl the most commonly used vessel for modern tea art.

Good Cup: Transparent glass with good texture as the first choice. Pu’er Tea is famous for its crystal clear and colorful soup. People often compare the soup of Yunnan Pu’er Tea to “old red wine”, “amber”, “pomegranate red” and “gem red”. Observing the color has become a unique landscape in Pu’er Tea art. The color, luster and texture of Pu’er tea soup vary due to different production areas, production processes, ingredients, storage environment, aging years and so on. Looking at the soup is not only an aesthetic but also an important link to evaluate the quality of tea.

Tea Peeler: Made of hardwood or hard bamboo, used for cracking the cake of tea. By peeling the tea layer by layer, it can not only keep the integrity of tea strips and reduce broken tea, but also facilitate the matching of outer and inner tea, accurately reflecting the quality of compressed tea.

Ceramic Teapot Raising Beam (practical and convenient): Due to Pu’er tea being suitable for brewing with larger teaware, it can better demonstrate the quality characteristics of Pu’er tea such as color, aroma, and taste.

The pottery teapot with a handle: Generally, it has a large volume, its unique classical and rough beauty is more in line with the deep rhyme of Pu’er tea, and it is suitable for many people to drink together among friends, so the pottery teapot with a handle has become a new fashion.

These are the better tea sets we chose when drinking Puerh tea, which not only allows us to taste the tea but also appreciate it properly.