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There are 25 ethnic minorities in Yunnan, each of which drinks tea. Their tea sets have their own characteristics, including two major categories: bamboo and pottery.

Bamboo Tubes – Bamboo tube tea is used by the Lahu, Va, Kinh and Pai people when they work in the mountains. A long knife is used to cut a section of bamboo tubes, leaving one end with a bamboo knot. Each section of the bamboo tubes measures about 15-20 cm in length and 3-5 grams of tea leaves are put in the bamboo tubes. The bamboo tubes are then placed in fire and water is boiled to make it ready for drinking.

Bamboo Cup – A bamboo cup made of bamboo, the bamboo cup is 5-8cm high, and the tea water boiled in a bamboo tube is poured into the bamboo cup to drink. Rice can also be cooked in a bamboo tube (bamboo tube rice).

Light the fire and heat the ashes to around 80℃ in a fire pot. Put the tea leaves into the heated ashes and stir to roast them until they turn yellow. Take out the roasted tea leaves, blow off any remaining ashes and put them into a cup or bowl. Pour hot water over them for 3-5 seconds and then enjoy your fragrant brew.

Put the ceramic slice into a strong flame to burn until it turns red. Put tea leaves on the heated ceramic piece, roast them until they turn yellow and fragrant. Then put them in a cup (bowl) and pour hot water in it for 3-5 seconds before drinking.

Tea Pot – Put tea leaves into the pot, put it on fire to heat, shake with a right hand to measure the amount of tea mouth, roast the tea leaves yellow and fragrant, add proper amount of boiling water, then put the tea pot back to fire and boil for five minutes, then pour for drinking. This is roasting tea. Clay Pot – Clay Pot is specially used for brewing tea (Pu’er Tea, Green Tea).

Ceramic Cup – A ceramic cup is used for drinking tea (and can also be used for drinking wine).

Tea Bowls – Tea bowls are used for drinking tea (and can also be used for eating meals).