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Different types of tea should be brewed with different kinds of teaware! There are many kinds of teaware, and the materials used can vary from purple sand to porcelain, glass, and more. These are all materials commonly used in everyday life, and it is easy to tell them apart by their appearance. So what kind of tea should each type of teaware be used for? Let’s take a look:

Tea sets made of purple sand are small, delicate and exquisite. They can be divided into three categories: the teapot, the tea cup and the tea tray. The teapot is usually a round shape with a lid, used for brewing tea; the cup is used for drinking tea; while the tray is used to hold the teapot and cups as well as other utensils.

I. Purple Sand Tea Sets
Purple sand tea sets are small, delicate and exquisite. There are three main components: teapot, tea cups, and a tea tray. The teapot has a round shape with a lid and is used for brewing the tea; cups are used to drink it; trays serve to hold all of these items along with other utensils.

The feel of the Purple Sand Tea Ware is good, with dense texture that can absorb tea juice. It is generally believed that it can best show the characteristics of oolong tea, Iron Goddess of Mercy and other teas.

Second, Porcelain Tea Sets

Ceramic teaware has no absorbency, and white is its most precious appearance. It is exquisitely crafted with a beautiful shape, making it ideal for brewing fragrant tea.

Third, Glass Tea Set

A glass tea set is an ideal addition to any kitchen. It is easy to clean, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. This type of tea set can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so that it can be tailored to any taste and décor. The transparent nature of glass allows for the user to view the process of infusion when making tea or other beverages. When using this type of set, one will need to be careful as it can break easily.

The glass teaware is transparent in texture. Tea can be brewed with a glass cup, and the tea leaves can move up and down through the entire transparent pot, allowing you to appreciate the color of the tea soup at a glance.

Fourth, Other Tea Utensils
Tea utensils also include tea cups, tea pots, tea trays, tea strainers, kettles, and other containers. The appearance of these utensils varies in shape and style according to the culture of each region.

As for other materials of tea sets, generally they are plastic tea sets. This kind of tea sets often have odors. Paper cups are the same and are not suitable for making tea. The same goes for insulated cups. Tea made in an insulated cup is kept warm for a long time, has no aroma and is not suitable either.