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1. Glass is non-porous, so it does not absorb odors or tastes and can be safely used for multiple types of beverages.
2. It resists chipping, cracking, and scratching which makes it a durable option.
3. Its clarity allows you to see the color and clarity of the beverage inside of it.
4. As a lightweight material, glass can be easier to handle than heavier materials like ceramic or metal tea ware.
5. Glass has excellent thermal insulation properties so it helps keep your beverages at the desired temperature for longer periods of time.
Glass teaware is beneficial for cooling off quickly, facilitating the control of water temperature and preserving the original flavor of tea leaves; Don’t think that glass cups are just transparent and nice-looking; Among all kinds of cup materials, glass cups are the healthiest.

What are the advantages of glass teaware?
-Resistant to breakage
-Easy to clean and maintain
-Long lasting clarity
-Transparent, allowing you to see the tea while steeping

Glass tea sets are made of transparent glass, allowing users to observe the whole brewing process directly. They can enjoy the beautiful posture of various tea leaves in the water. The tea sets are crystal clear. When using a glass teapot to brew tea, green mist surrounds the cup, buds and leaves stand upright, presenting a beautiful view before our eyes. It is indeed something special to think about.

There are no extra air holes in the wall of the glass tea ware, so that when brewing tea, it will not absorb the aroma and taste of tea, and can retain 100% original flavor of the tea leaves.

Glass teaware has a transparent texture, with great plasticity in its shape and relatively low prices, which is very popular among tea lovers.

Reminder: Although glass tea ware has many advantages, it is prone to break and slightly hotter than other teaware. Here we remind all tea lovers to be aware of these two disadvantages when using glass tea ware for brewing.

There are benefits to using glass teaware for making tea.

Glass cups are transparent and bright. Tea can be made with glass tea sets. At the same time, you can also appreciate the beautiful shape of tea leaves in the tea set. There are many advantages to making tea with glass tea sets: glass tea sets cool down quickly, which is beneficial for controlling water temperature and keeping the original flavor of tea leaves; don’t think that glass cups are just transparent and good-looking, among all kinds of cups, glass cups are the healthiest. Glass cups do not contain organic chemicals during burning. When people drink water or other drinks in glass cups, they do not have to worry about chemical substances entering the stomach. In addition, the surface of glass is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on cup walls, so it is the healthiest and safest to drink water with glass cups.

How to choose glass teaware?

To see how thick the glass wall is.

Most teapots on the market are made of high silica glass material, with professional technical standards for the thickness and weight of the glass wall. A good glass teapot is heat-resistant and can be heated with an open flame such as an alcohol lamp or a candle without bursting, and can be taken out from a cold environment and immediately filled with boiling water. However, if the glass wall is too thick, it will lead to better insulation effect but not good enough for open flame heating and keeping warm. On the contrary, thinner glass is less likely to burst.

The lid of the glass teapot cannot be closed too tightly.

Since glassware is not a pressure-resistant container and too tight lids could lead to sealing, when the internal temperature of the teapot changes, the air inside will expand and contract due to heat, resulting in an unbalanced air pressure. Thus, the entire glass teapot turns into a pressure vessel and would explode if it exceeds its load-bearing capacity.

To view the overall structure of the glass teapot.

Structure is an important consideration for any teapot, including glass teapots. The structure of a glass teapot consists of the pot body, spout, lid and handle, all coordinated to create a smooth and rounded aesthetic.