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Glass teaware is mainly suitable for grass flowers, black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, fruit tea, health tea and craft flower teas as well as coffees. Brewing tea with glass teaware is particularly suitable for brewing various high quality famous teas. It has characteristics such as crystal-clear transparency of the teaware, misty fog in the cup, clear and bright green leaves standing uprightly which make one’s eyes pleasant to behold and give a special feeling of pleasure.

The benefits of using glass teaware to brew tea:
1. Aesthetics: Glass teaware provides a visually pleasing way to observe the infusion of tea leaves as they release their color, aroma, and flavor into the water.
2. Taste: As glass does not contain any substances that could interact with the tea leaves, it offers a pure taste profile for each cup of tea.
3. Pure Water: The clear material also allows for purity in water by not obscuring particles or other components that may affect the flavor of the tea.
4. Health Benefits: Free of toxic chemicals and other materials found in other types of teaware, glass is a safe and healthy choice when brewing tea.

Glass cups are transparent and bright. Tea can be brewed in glass teaware to appreciate the beautiful shape of tea leaves in the teaware. There are many benefits to brewing tea with glass teaware: the glass teaware dissipates heat quickly, which helps control water temperature and maintain the original flavor of the tea leaves; don’t think that glass cups are just good-looking and transparent. Among all kinds of cups, glass cups are the healthiest. During the burning process, there is no organic chemical substance in the glass cup. When people drink water or other beverages with a glass cup, they don’t have to worry about chemical substances being ingested into their stomachs. Moreover, the surface of the glass is smooth and easy to clean, so bacteria and dirt cannot easily breed on it. Therefore, it is the healthiest and safest way for people to drink water with a glass cup.

Not only does glass tea ware have the characteristics of transparency and cleanliness, but it also has the advantage of simple and fashionable shape. When young people see glass tea ware, they almost always associate it with fruit tea first. Indeed, brewing fruit tea, fruit tea, flower tea and so on with delicate and beautiful glass tea ware has a high ornamental value and interestingness. Just brew directly with boiling water and add some lemon or honey properly. A cup of beautiful fruit tea is done, which can purify both body and mind.

The delicate flower tea is naturally beautiful, and the silver-wrapped white silver needles are equally incomparable. The straight and fat tea buds float in the water, graceful and charming, just imagining is enough to be pleasing to the eye… However, due to the high tenderness of raw materials of white silver needles, it is not suitable for high temperature brewing or long time soaking. Therefore, if used glass teaware for brewing, it will waste a good tea. For such white teas as Gongmei and Shoumei, which are relatively coarse branches and big leaves, it is easier to brew with glass teaware. Especially for the old white tea after aging storage, boiled and drink will be mellow and natural, taste better than directly brewed.

No matter whether it’s mini cute little green tangerines or red, plump big red tangerines, they are all suitable for making tea with glass teaware. Because the space in the pot is large, the tea leaves can get full immersion of boiling water after being released from the tangerine peel, and its taste and nutrition will dissolve faster and more fully. The brewed tea tastes thick and mellow. If through boiled drinking method to make tea, the taste will be even better.

Brewing tea with a glass teapot, the tea soup is bright and attractive. It is more suitable for making milk tea or mixed tea when brewing broken red tea. For green tea brewed with a glass teapot, it needs to be processed according to the grade of the original tea leaves. Generally, it is mostly used for cold brew, and can also be directly added with ice cubes, lemons etc., which tastes better. In addition, oolong tea, black tea etc. can also be brewed or boiled in a glass teapot, but they are divided according to different fermentation degrees of different kinds of tea. There are corresponding brewing methods for different types of tea.

Since all kinds of tea can be brewed with glass teaware, is it an all-purpose brewing tool? In fact, not really. Glass teaware is relatively convenient, as glass has a high heat resistance. Besides regular brewing, it can also be used for boiling and cold brewing, thus being able to brew different types of tea and bring out their unique flavors and tastes. At the same time, transparent glass teaware enables you to view the tea leaves rolling around in water directly, making it aesthetically pleasing and becoming a great choice for home tea brewing.

The best teaware for glass is to be used for brewing what kind of tea?

Red tea

We generally use glass teapots from glass tea sets to brew red tea because its soup color is very bright and beautiful. Using a glass teapot can clearly display the beauty of red tea. In the process of brewing red tea, because the glass tea set is transparent, you can clearly see the posture changes of red tea in the glass tea set. Especially for some high-end red teas, it will tightly show its beauty. While tasting tea, we can also feel another kind of beauty brought by the tea leaves.

Green Tea

Actually, the best way to brew green tea is with a glass teapot because it will not absorb the flavor of green tea. When brewing green tea, it is best to leave the lid off so that the tea leaves will not become over-infused. It is also important to pay attention to water temperature when brewing green tea; it should not be too high, about 80 degrees Celsius. This is because green tea is made from fresh leaves of the tea tree so it is afraid of high temperatures which can ruin the flavor of tea. That is why we usually use a glass cylinder cup when brewing green tea so that better methods and techniques for brewing can be mastered.

Pu’er Tea

We can also use glass teaware when brewing Puer Tea, because glass teaware will not absorb the taste of the tea soup. During the brewing process, it can perfectly show the mellow aroma of Puer Tea. And in leisure time, we can slowly enjoy the fragrance of Puer Tea. When choosing glass teaware to make tea, we usually choose a glass teapot, because Puer Tea has a higher concentration, so we choose a larger glass teapot to avoid too strong tea soup. When brewing Puer Tea, we should control the amount of tea leaves to 20% of the body volume of the glass teapot. It is better to air dry the tea leaves for two weeks before brewing, so that the brewed Puer Tea will be more concentrated.

Fruit Tea

In our daily life, we also use glass tea sets when we are in Chinese society, because we all know that fruit tea is made by drying fruits. When using a glass teapot to brew fruit tea, we can clearly see the process of each dried fruit changing in the water. While tasting tea, we can also clearly see their trajectory and telephone, which is also a different kind of enjoyment.

Brewing tea with glass tea sets, the vivid color of the tea soup, the tender and soft tea leaves, the up and down movement of the tea leaves in the whole brewing process, the gradual expansion of the leaves can be seen at a glance, it can be said to be a dynamic art appreciation. Especially for brewing various famous teas, glassware is crystal clear and enchantingly misty in cups, clear and green, buds blooming, upright jade-like beauty; it’s delightful to look at. Moreover, glassware is inexpensive and popular with consumers. The disadvantage of glassware is that it is easy to break and hotter than ceramics. However, there are also tempered glass products which have been specially processed and not easily broken usually used in trains and restaurants.