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Among the many glass tea sets, the most common one is the teacup. When brewing tea with a teacup, its color, shape, and the floating and sinking of the tea leaves are all very obvious to observe. Therefore, it is very appreciable to brew various delicate specialty teas with glass teacups.

High-grade famous teas, especially green tea, should be brewed in a transparent glass cup. Brewing while viewing the tea color and shape, and drinking it has its own pleasure. Using glass tea ware to brew tea, combining color, scent and taste into one cup, fully satisfies people’s needs for tasting and appreciating tea.

What are the characteristics of glass tea sets?

In modern times, glassware has developed greatly. With its transparent texture and eye-catching luster, it has great plasticity in shape and a wide range of uses.

Brewing tea with glassware, the bright color of the tea soup, the tender and soft tea leaves, the up-and-down movement of the leaves during the whole brewing process, as well as the gradual expansion of the leaf blades can be seen without any omission. It is a dynamic art appreciation. Especially when brewing famous teas, glassware is crystal clear, misty and faint in cups, clear green with buds standing uprightly. When viewing it, people are delightfully pleased. Furthermore, glassware is inexpensive and favored by consumers. The disadvantage of glassware is that it is easy to break and hot to touch compared to porcelain ware. However, there are also kinds of tempered glass products which are not easily broken usually used in trains and catering industry after special processing.

The drawbacks of glassware are that it is prone to breakage and tends to be hotter than ceramic.

Glass tea ware is suitable for brewing what kind of tea?

High-end famous tea, especially green tea, should be brewed in a transparent glass cup. While brewing and watching the color and shape of the tea, drinking it has its own special charm.

Green tea can be brewed in a porcelain teacup or teapot; Jasmine tea can be brewed and served in the form of a lid bowl.

Red tea, especially broken red tea, should be brewed in a high glass cup to make the red tea soup more attractive. Red tea can also be brewed in a teapot and drunk from a coffee cup. When drinking it, sugar or milk can be added at will, which is similar to drinking coffee and has its own “foreign” taste. High-grade red tea can also be brewed in decorative and colorful teapots such as junhong, jihong or guangcai teapots.

Oolong tea, should be brewed in purple clay teapot, and then drink it with a small teacup. Oolong tea can also be brewed in warm-colored porcelain teapots. After brewing with boiling water and covering it, you can keep the strong aroma of tea.

Glass teaware is mainly suitable for brewing teas such as grass flower tea, black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, fruit tea, health tea and craft flower tea. It has a high ornamental and entertaining value. If you like to appreciate the color of the brewed tea soup, the shape of the tea leaves and the floating scenery of the leaves in boiling water, then glass teaware is your best choice.