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In modern life, while material abundance increases, the pace of life is also speeding up. The culture of tea representing Slow Life is gradually popularized, and tea sets have become essential supplies for home leisure. What are the commonly used types of teaware? Generally speaking, they can be divided into purple sand teaware, porcelain teaware, glass teaware, metal teaware and bamboo and wood teaware according to their texture. Different kinds of teaware present different quality of tea soup and bring different feelings to people. Different kinds of tea can choose different textures of teaware for brewing and drinking in order to achieve the best effect.

Purple sand teaware

The pure clay body of a purple sand pot preserves the properties of absorbing odors, so when making tea, the aroma and taste of tea can be stored. When the fetus soil is heated, the pores will slightly open and release the tea fragrance stored in the fetus. Therefore, a carefully maintained purple sand pot can make the taste of brewing tea more mellow. In addition, compared with other ceramics, purple sand is delicate without greasy, bright without sticky, so after years of use, constantly playing with purple sand pot quality table will radiate a glossy and moist color, making people love it.

Ceramic tea set

The clay of porcelain tea sets is dense and transparent, the glaze color is rich and colorful, the firing temperature is high, and it has no hygroscopicity. Tea can get better color, aroma and taste. In terms of performance and function, porcelain tea sets are easy to clean, have no odor, keep warm moderately, neither too hot nor breakable, which makes it the most widely applicable type in tea sets.

Glass teaware

Preparing tea with glassware, the vibrant color of the tea soup and the up-and-down dancing of the tea leaves during the brewing process can all be seen clearly. It can be said to be an appreciation of dynamic art, especially when brewing famous teas like Longjing, Biluochun, Junshan Silver Needle and more.

Metal teaware

Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, with the change of tea drinking methods and the rise of ceramic teapots, metal teapots including silverware have gradually disappeared, but utensils for storing tea made of metal such as tin cans and bottles are often seen. This is because tin has great advantages compared with bamboo, paper, wood, pottery and porcelain as materials for storing tea. In addition, iron kettles and silver kettles are also relatively widely used.

Bamboo and wooden Tea Sets

There is a great variety of tea sets, with varied shapes and prices. When choosing a tea set, one can compare and judge from the material, craftsmanship, shape and price of the tea set in order to find the product that best suits their needs.