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It is worth mentioning that brewing tea with a bowl cover is a good choice. This lid-equipped bowl is exquisitely made and the lid can be placed in the bowl as support. When drinking tea, it will not slide easily and you don’t have to worry about burning your hands or lifting the lid. Half open and half closed can let the tea flow into your mouth, and the aroma of the tea will slowly come out. It really feels great to avoid the trouble of getting tea leaves stuck in teapots. Now let’s take a look at the three advantages of using a bowl cover for brewing tea.

The three major benefits of teacup cover:

1. Keeps tea warm: A teacup cover can help to keep your tea warm for a longer duration by keeping the heat and steam inside.

2. Keeps dust and insects away: Covers help protect your teacups from dust, moisture and insects.

3. Enhances the presentation: Teacup covers also have an aesthetic appeal which enhances the presentation of the tea being served.

One, a cup is smaller than a bowl, big on top and small at the bottom, it is convenient to pour water in, and it can let the tea leaves settle at the bottom, when adding water the tea leaves will roll up and make it easier to brew tea.

After putting the prepared tea leaves into the cover bowl, which is usually made of porcelain and glass, it can be used for brewing and drinking tea. At this moment, the bowl is covered half-open, so that the whole bowl of tea water can be flipped up and down. When it’s full, it will be hot to touch. Through the gap, you can smell the fragrance of tea leaves diffusing in the warm cover bowl. There is a bowl to better bring out the aroma of tea leaves, which is easy to dissipate. The cover bowl teapot has a unique shape with a lid that can be put into the bowl; the big pot for brewing tea popular in Northern China can also be one set per person with beautiful shapes.

Second, there is an elevated teacup cover with a ritual of “serving tea to guests”, especially in etiquette. It can easily collect the fragrance of tea, lift the teacup with the teapot and present it to the guests. It can also be used to cover foam and make tea easily. When adding water, the tea leaves roll over and the bowl is smaller than the bowl, which can also allow the tea leaves to settle at the bottom, prevent water from overflowing from the teacup and wetting clothes, and cover along a small mouth of the cup. When drinking tea, it will not make foam stick to lips or burn hands, nor slip easily.

Thirdly, with a tea tray, it can prevent the hot water from spilling out of the teacup and wetting clothes, especially when offering tea to guests at ceremonies. Holding a tea tray with a teacup on top conveys a gesture of hospitality. Enjoying a cup of fragrant tea slowly every day.

The advantage of using a lid to brew tea is that we can control it more steadily. It has quick water output and is very convenient to wash the tea and scrape foam. After the water is poured out, the bottom of the leaves can be observed and smelled intuitively. The aroma of the tea will be much purer than that of purple clay teapot, because the lid can release some heat, reduce olfactory stimulation, making it smell more fragrant. In addition, we can also observe directly whether the bottom of the leaves are good or not, so brewing tea with a lid is more convenient. And it takes less time to brew a lot of tea with a lid.