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Glass teaware is a common way to make tea, which helps dissipate heat quickly and facilitates the control of water temperature, preserving the original flavor of the tea. In addition, when making tea with transparent and bright glass teaware, one can enjoy viewing the beautiful shapes of tea leaves in the teaware while tasting the tea, so more and more people prefer using glass teaware for making tea. So what brand of glass teaware is good? Let’s take a look below.

What brand of glass teaware is good?

There are many brands of glass tea ware, and there is no standard definition as to which one is good for the question of what brand of glass tea ware is good. Below, let’s recommend several well-received brands of glass tea ware for reference:

Assembly Glass Teaware

Ya Ji is the main brand of Hongya Tea Ware Co., Ltd. It mainly deals in glass, ceramic and purple sand tea ware, etc. Its tea wares have a variety of types and unique design style, which are loved by many tea drinkers.

Still Ming Glass Tea Set

ShangMing, a high-end glass brewing brand, offers a wide range of glass products including kitchenware, coffee and tea. The ShangMing glass teaware series is stylishly designed and practical, enjoying a good reputation in the domestic market.

Glass Teaware from Yiwu Kiln

Yi Wu Yao glass tea ware has high hardness, acid resistance, alkali resistance, sudden cold and heat resistance, impact resistance and breakage resistance. The product is crystal clear and beautiful. Since its launch, it has been favored by consumers and has remained the leading position in the industry.

Romantic Room Glass Tea Sets

Romantic Room is a brand under Cangzhou Xinrui Glass Products Co., Ltd. The series of products include Micro Landscape Glass Bottle, Double-layer Glass Cup, Craft Wine Bottle, Glass Teapot and Tea Set. Romantic Room glass tea set has complete varieties and reasonable prices, which has won the love of many customers.

Five, Golden Group Glass Teaware

One of the well-known brands of teaware is Jin Tuan. Its glass tea ware products are varied in shape, delicate and beautiful, very practical, and the price is quite economical, which makes it popular among the masses.

Hengfu Glass Tea Ware

Hengfu is a teaware brand under Guangzhou Hengfu Tea Co., Ltd. This brand of teaware is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province and a well-known industry brand. The Hengfu series of glass teaware has the characteristics of lightness, transparency, and high temperature resistance, which are highly welcomed by customers at home and abroad.

Tea set with golden stove glassware

Founded in early 1989, Jinzao Tea Utensils Company focuses on the development and production of tea utensils. The elegantly designed and wide range of Jinzao glass teaware is popular with customers and highly favored by tea enthusiasts.

Eight, Tianfu Glass Tea Set

Established in 1994, Tianfu brand has grown from an emerging brand to a well-known one after countless experiences and growth, and has gained the trust of many tea fans. Tianfu’s glass teaware is aesthetically pleasing but somewhat expensive, for good products come with a price.

Chinese Tang Dynasty Glass Tea ware

Hantang is a tea set brand with cultural connotation. Although it focuses on Kung Fu Tea Sets, its glass tea sets are also favored by consumers. It is a very art-conscious brand of tea sets.

New glass teaware with extraordinary functions.

New Gond Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise which integrates the research and development, production, sales and distribution of tea ware. Its products cover electric tea sets, multifunctional combination tea wares, glass tea wares, electric kettles, small home appliances and so on. The series products of this brand are novel in shape and have been praised as “New Gond speed” in the industry.

There are still many glass teaware brands on the market, here we just introduce several brands that are favored by many tea lovers. When choosing glass teaware, pay attention to the overall beauty of the glass teaware, the clarity of the glass and the overall smoothness of the glass. Carefully select high-quality glass teaware.