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When making tea with a cup, it is important to select a suitable one that is safe and healthy. What kind of cup is best for tea? Generally, cups made of clay, glass, and ceramics are better than those made of other materials.

What type of cup is best for brewing tea?

Clay cup

The most famous purple sand pot is a kind of ceramics, which is fired at high temperature. It has dense texture and does not leak. It can not be seen with the naked eye. It can absorb tea juice, store tea flavor, and its heat transfer is slow, which does not burn hands easily and is not easy to break.

The porcelain cup

Ceramics are mainly white, fired at about 1300°C, with moderate thermal conductivity and insulation, without any chemical reaction to tea. Using it to brew tea can achieve better color, aroma and flavor. There are many exquisite and beautiful cups on the market for people to choose from.

Glass cup

Not only is the texture transparent, but heat transfer is also fast. Especially in the whole process of brewing tea, the situation of the tea leaves moving up and down and gradually unfolding is very ornamental. However, the drawback is that it is easy to break and it may be hot to handle, but it is inexpensive.

The teacup is used as a container for tea, which comes in two sizes: small cups are mainly used for tasting oolong tea, also called tasting cups, which are used together with aroma cups; large cups can be used directly for brewing tea and as containers for exquisite high-grade tea. Teacups are mostly made of porcelain or purple sand pottery, and there are also glass ones. Brewing tea directly in a glass cup has excellent visual effects.

In general, for the sake of health, one should choose the right tea cup when drinking water. Glass cups are the most common choice. However, due to long-term erosion by water, sodium silicate in the glass cup will react with carbon dioxide in the air and generate white carbonate crystals, making the cup body turbid and opaque. Long-term replacement is not conducive to health. Therefore, it is better to replace glass cups regularly when drinking tea water in glass cups.