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  • by vinux

Nowadays, it must be both necessary and easy for Chinese restaurants to provide high-quality Chinese tea to customers.

Firstly, people’s understanding of tea has changed. Since the end of the last century, more and more newspapers, magazines and TV stations have begun to introduce tea in large quantities, especially the health benefits of green tea. The United Nations Health Organization promotes green tea as the healthiest drink around the world. Now only fools don’t know that tea is good for health.

Secondly, customer groups are changing. America’s post-World War II boomers are entering old age. They have a certain wealth and are increasingly concerned about their health. More and more people want to drink tea, green tea, good green tea, in this way they want good tea to make them healthy and longevity. However, they suffer from the lack of opportunity to drink good tea, and do not know how to get good tea.

Thirdly, the supply of Chinese tea in the United States is changing. Due to the change of China’s foreign trade environment (there is no quota restriction on the import of Chinese tea to the United States), the renewal of Chinese tea packaging and storage technology, the development of China’s transportation and communication, more and more Chinese people’s grasp of the operation of the American market, various Chinese good tea will gradually infiltrate into the United States

Fourthly, the taste of Chinese restaurants is changing. Many Chinese restaurants are elegantly decorated and have a Chinese cultural atmosphere. Tea is a part of Chinese culture. The promotion of Chinese tea culture has come to fruition.

Tea, an important role in Chinese food culture, should be introduced at high prices in good Chinese restaurants.

Chinese restaurants should offer high-quality and high-priced tea, preferably green tea. It should cost more than all the other drinks. It should complement exquisite Chinese cuisine with elegant and comfortable restaurant decoration,  so that the taste of Chinese restaurants can be improved. Don’t worry that people don’t want to spend money on good tea. Everyone knows that cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap.

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