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A tea tasting cup, also known as a Pinming cup, is a special teacup used for tasting tea and enjoying the color of the soup. Therefore, Pinming cups are usually made of porcelain, purple sand or glass. A suitable Pinming cup can not only show the temperament of the tea drinkers, but also increase the charm of the tea. Thus, it is really important to choose a good tea tasting cup.

I. Green Tea — White Porcelain Tea Cup

Green Tea: The essential characteristic of green tea is “clear water and green tea”, and the requirements for teaware are the most particular. When brewing, it is advisable to choose teaware with thin walls, easy to dissipate heat, dense texture, small porosity, and not easily absorbing moisture (fragrance), such as glass cups and delicate porcelain cups.

Second, Flower Tea – Blue and White Porcelain Tea Cup

Flower Tea: Choosing porcelain teacups such as Qinghua Porcelain, as its name implies, it has a rich sense of layering in the taste. Therefore, visual matching is also needed to show its visual experience. The cups painted with Qinghua Porcelain are just what it needs.

Third, Red Tea – Enjoying with Ru Kiln Green Porcelain Cup

Red Tea: Red tea is best served in Ruyao green porcelain, which helps bring out its “treasure light, golden halo and soup color red” three features. It is suggested to use a glass fair cup to appreciate the soup.

Fourth: White Tea – Dongyang Ceramic Cup

White Tea: Water temperature for brewing white tea should be higher. A good thermal-insulated container is recommended. The tea ware should be simple and natural, preferably ceramic.

Five: Oolong Tea – Hammer Pattern Porcelain Cup

Oolong tea, also known as “black dragon tea,” is a type of Chinese tea with a unique fruity and floral aroma. Enjoy this delicious brew from our classic hammer pattern porcelain cup, making it perfect for all occasions.

Oolong tea: It can be served in either a purple-clay teapot or a ceramic cup. The clay is simple and has good heat preservation so the taste of tea in summer won’t easily go bad. The most typical representative is the common purple-clay teapot.

Sixth, Black Tea – Enjoying Black Ceramic Carved Flower Tea Cup

Black Tea: Black tea can be brewed or boiled. When paired with pottery teaware or coarser grain purple sand teaware, the absorbency of the teaware eliminate any unpleasant tastes formed when storing the tea leaves, bringing out the best of black tea’s qualities.

In addition to paying attention to the instrument itself, the equipment of tea ware should also pay attention to the appearance color of the instrument. Only by coordinating the function, texture and color of tea utensils can perfect tea utensils be chosen. Compared with pottery, there are not so many patterns available for porcelain. In addition to white porcelain, celadon and black porcelain, various patterns such as fish and flower patterns are available, which are rich in color and gorgeous.