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In order to be healthy, the right material of tea cup should be chosen when drinking tea water. Disposable paper cups or plastic water cups are not suitable for brewing and drinking tea, which will be bad for your health. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the material of the cup when you make tea with a cup. So what kind of material is suitable for making tea?

What material of cup is suitable for making tea?

The best way to appreciate tea is to drink it from a glass cup.

In daily tea sets, glass teacups are the most common. Drinking tea from it allows you to appreciate the color and shape of the tea soup and the floating and sinking of the tea leaves during infusion. For example, when making green teas such as rainflower tea or biluochun, these delicate and superior teas offer great appreciation value and are suitable for serving guests at home. However, glass teacups are fragile and easily broken, hotter than ceramic ones, leaving something to be desired.

Silver cup brewing tea shows its quality.

Brewing tea with silver cups can have a bactericidal effect while keeping tea healthy. When boiling water, the silver ions and sodium ions released from pure silver teaware can kill bacteria, and a small part of silver ions dissolve in the water. The dissolved silver ions enter people’s body through brewing tea leaves, which can disinfect and benefit human health while enjoying the pleasure of drinking tea. Using pure silver teaware to boil water can make the water quality softer. Soft water is the best for making tea, but it is rare for urban people to drink mountain spring tea soup. Mineral water or tap water is usually used to brew tea. The minerals in mineral water often react with polyphenols in tea leaves, affecting the color of the tea soup, while tap water is hard even when boiling, which will affect the quality of the tea leaves. With its own superiority, pure silver teaware makes the water fine and soft during boiling, making the brewed tea soup more fragrant and mellow.

The more you use a purple sand teacup to brew tea, the better the aroma.

The natural purple sand cup is made of purple sand, which has dense structure, close to porcelainization, high strength, small particles, broken edges in the shape of shells or stones, but without the semi-transparency of porcelain. The purple sand material has excellent air permeability and the advantages of not easy to lose flavor when making tea and not easy to spoil tea leaves, making the tea soup more fragrant and delicious!

All three types of cups can be used to make tea, and glass cups are the choice of most people in life. However, due to long-term erosion of water on glass tea cups, the reaction between sodium silicate and carbon dioxide in the air will produce white carbonic acid crystals, making the cup turbid and opaque, and if it is not replaced for a long time, it will easily damage health. Therefore, when using a glass cup to make tea, remember to replace it regularly.

In addition, it is not suitable to use disposable paper cups, plastic cups, colorful water cups, metal material cups, etc. for making tea. Long-term use of these materials for making tea is not good for health. Therefore, it is better to choose a cup with better material for making tea so that it is safe and healthy.