• by vinux

When you buy a purple clay teapot, it is often packaged very carefully with a cotton-lined brocade box. There is also a brocade bag outside the teapot. So why can’t we put the brocade bag back into the box for storage when we don’t use the pot anymore? It still seems secure…

Although it is not appropriate to keep a purple clay teapot in a high cabinet, there are times when we are away from home in our lives, such as working outside for a few months or visiting relatives abroad or traveling. We can’t take the teapot with us all over the world. In such cases, when we cannot take care of the teapot for a period of time, how should we keep it?

If a purple clay teapot has been unused for a long time, please process it according to the following three steps:

1. Put some dry tea leaves in the teapot, fill it with boiling water and cover it with its lid. Let it stay for 5 minutes before pouring out the water.

2. Refill the teapot with boiling water and place a handful of rice into it. Soak for 20-30 minutes before discarding both the rice and water.

3. Finally, rinse with boiling water several times until all residue is removed from the pot’s surface and inner walls.

First, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the purple sand teapot, empty the water, wipe the pot body with a tea cloth, dry the pot in the shade, so that it does not accumulate moisture.

Second, cover the pot lid and put it in a ventilated place, but be careful to avoid direct sunlight and excessive dust in the air.

Third, a dry tea can be placed in the pot. This tea must be the same one that has been brewed by this pot.

When you use it again, please first rinse the inside and outside of the purple sand teapot with hot water for one or two times!

A used purple sand teapot must be completely air-dried, and there should not be any moisture in the pot. To check if the teapot is dry, you can put a piece of tissue (unscented) in it, cover it with the lid, and then open it the next day to examine the tissue. If there is still moisture in the teapot, it cannot be wrapped or placed in a box, otherwise the scale inside will easily become moldy.

Tea sets should be placed in a well-ventilated and shaded place to avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. It should not be put in a stuffy place. It is best to have a special shelf for teapots at home.

If the teapot is not used for a long time, some dry tea leaves should be put inside. This tea must be the same kind of tea that is always brewed in this pot. Check the tea leaves in the pot occasionally to see if there is any moisture. If moisture is found, immediately remove the tea leaves, open the lid and let the pot dry thoroughly.

The advantage of doing this is to avoid the mildew of tea scum in the pot. We all know that tea leaves are most prone to moisture and flavor, and there are always more or less water vapor in the air. These water vapor will enter the pot body through the pot mouth and spout. If there is a dry tea leaf in the pot, these tea leaves will absorb these water vapor first, so we can keep the dryness of this pot.