• by vinux

Remember when I was young, my father asked me to go to the department store to buy a few cups. Before going out, my father told me that the way to choose a good cup is to take a good cup and gently touch another cup. If it makes a “ding-dong” sound with texture, it means it is a cup of good quality. When I arrived at the department store, I followed my father’s instructions and took one cup to lightly touch another cup. Strangely enough, I touched seven or eight cups in succession and the sound was particularly dull. With the help of the salesperson, I realized that the one in my hand was broken. In order to choose a good cup, you must first make sure that you are holding a good one.

Actually, by tapping two cups and listening to the sound to distinguish between good and bad, although it seems like an insignificant thing in life, you can actually realize the five qualities that must be possessed in life.
One of these is mood. Just like whether to choose a good cup depends on the cup you are holding in your hand, it is important for a person to face each day with what kind of mood, directly deciding the success or failure of life or work. Successful people will control their moods, while failures will be controlled by them. We often say, don’t let life be defeated by moods. Although moods are not all of life, they can affect all of it. If you show others with a smile, you can get one in return; if you face life with a smile, what you get is sunshine.
The second is mentality. If mood affects life or work, then mentality decides the success or failure of a career or life. Someone described success as if there is only one percent of hope, one should still put in one hundred percent of effort in order to turn that one percent of hope into one hundred percent of results. To turn the one percent hope into one hundred percent of results, the prerequisite is having a positive mentality; otherwise, all that will be seen is disappointment. Napoleon Hill once said: “There is only a small difference between people, but this small difference causes huge differences! The small difference is whether the mentality possessed is positive or negative; the huge difference is success and failure.”
Third is state. Heaven lives in days, months and stars; Man lives in vigor and spirit. A person can have a good mood and attitude only with a good mentality, and then can achieve a good state. Just like choosing a cup, if you are not in the right state when studying, you will not learn well; if you are not in the right state when working, you will not work well; if you are not in the right state, life will be messed up. For example, complaints like why did they make me do this kind of job or what should I originally do can often be heard. Actually, once selected there should be no regrets. Great people have their grand vision while commoners have their own cause; measuring a person’s achievement is not about how great the cause is but how good the state is.
Fourth is will. If mentality determines success or failure, will can rewrite one’s life. Just like the protagonist of “How Steel Was Tempered”, Baer Kolchakjin, the poor farmer’s kid changed his life with a strong will. What is will? It’s like having a key to unlocking the door to success, just like choosing a cup, but it must be firm.
Fifth is goals. With goals, life has direction, motivation, and pursuit. Harvard University once conducted a follow-up study on graduating students and asked whether they had a clear goal for the future. The result was that less than three percent of the students answered positively. Twenty years later, when these students were interviewed again, it was found that those three percent of students who had a clear goal were higher than others in terms of career achievement, happiness and satisfaction. The total wealth of these three percent accounted for more than the total wealth of the other ninety-seven percent of all students. This is the power of having goals.

Mood, mentality, state, willpower and goal are the five essential qualities that make up one’s life. If one has a good mood, keeps a positive attitude all the time, is in a good state every day, has strong willpower and clear goals, he/she will definitely be the most happy and successful person.
In the journey of life, everyone has a cup in their hands. If you fill your cup with sincerity and seek for sincerity with it, you will surely touch true feelings; if your cup is filled with depression, even the brightest sky would be covered by dark clouds; if your cup is filled with good attitude, every day will be wonderful; if you hold a good state in your cup, work and life will be colorful; if your cup is filled with determination and clear goals, you can march forward without regret and make a remarkable life.
Life always has many disappointments, happiness or sadness, success or failure, it is actually in your own hands. When you are full of grievances and always feel uncomfortable, angering and starting to complain, why not take a look at the cup in your own hands first.