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There are many tea utensils for making tea, and cups can also be used directly for drinking tea. Many people in life will also use teacups to make tea, which is very simple and convenient. However, not all cups are suitable for making tea, so you have to choose cups made of safe materials. So what kind of cup is more suitable for making tea?

Which cup is better suited for making tea?

A clay cup.

The most renowned teapot is a kind of pottery, fired at high temperature, dense in texture, and not leaking. It cannot be seen with the naked eye. It can absorb tea juice, store tea flavor, and its heat transfer is slow without scalding hands, nor easily broken.

The porcelain cup.

Porcelain is mainly white and fired at a temperature of about 1300 degrees Celsius. It has a moderate heat transfer and insulation, and does not cause any chemical reactions to tea. When using it to brew tea, it can bring out the best color, smell, and taste. There are many aesthetically pleasing cups on the market for people to choose from.

Glass cup

Not only is its texture transparent, but it also transfers heat quickly. Especially in the whole brewing process, the situation of tea leaves moving up and down and the leaves gradually expanding is very visually appealing. However, the downside is that it is easily broken and can be hot to touch, but its price is low.

Not suitable for cups used to brew tea.

Disposable paper cup

Disposable paper cups may look hygienic and convenient, but the product pass rate cannot be judged whether it is clean and hygienic or not. It can not be distinguished by the naked eye. From an environmental point of view, we should try to use as fewer disposable paper cups as possible. Some paper cup manufacturers add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent to make the cups look whiter. It is this kind of fluorescent substances that can cause cell mutation and become a potential carcinogen once it enters the human body.

Secondly, those non-conforming paper cups are generally very soft in body shape and easily deformed when filled with water. Some paper cups have poor sealability and the bottom is easy to leak, which can easily scald hands with hot water; what’s more, when you lightly touch the inside of the paper cup, you can feel a fine powder on it and your finger touching it will turn white, which is a typical poor quality paper cup.

Plastic water cups

Plastic cups should also be unwelcome. Because plastic often adds plasticizer, which contains some toxic chemicals, when using plastic cups to hold hot water or boiled water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water, and the internal microstructure of plastic has many pores, which hide dirt, and if it is not thoroughly cleaned, bacteria will easily breed. Therefore, when purchasing a plastic cup, be sure to choose a food grade plastic cup made in accordance with national standards.

Colorful cups

The colorful cups are attractive, but it’s best not to use them. There is a great hidden danger in those bright colors, especially on the inner walls coated with glaze. When the cup is filled with boiling water or drinks with high acidity and alkalinity, lead and other toxic heavy metal elements in these paints are easily dissolved in the liquid. Drinking liquids with chemical substances can be harmful to human body.

Metal material cup

Metal tea cups are also common, such as insulated cups, but the industry’s evaluation of it is not high. Although it can keep water temperature for a long time, metal tea cups are not conducive to preserving the aroma of tea because tea soup will produce odors when in contact with metal under high temperatures, which is not beneficial to human health.

Cups are used for brewing tea, but not all types of cups are suitable for making tea. Therefore, if you want to make tea directly in the cup, it is necessary to choose a suitable cup and the material of the cup must be safe, so that you can have peace of mind when drinking tea.