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If you are a bit interested and paying attention to tea, you may notice that when you enter a tea shop, there will almost always be covered cups on the tea table. This is because making a cup of tea with a cover is convenient, and if customers are interested, they can directly see the bottom of the leaves and smell the aroma during the brewing process. This is also why people like to use white porcelain lids cups and white porcelain tasting cups to entertain guests: white porcelain lids allow them to see the bottom of the leaves directly and it’s convenient for them to observe the color of soup through white porcelain tasting cups.

White porcelain bowl and tea-tasting cup.

Therefore, the bowl cover is definitely a must-have for all tea lovers. It can be used to brew all six types of tea, and it can also be used as a cup. We have seen many teapots with bowl covers, and we are also familiar with the famous Sichuan bowl cover tea. The Sichuan bowl cover tea is a classic example of using a bowl cover as a cup.

An elderly man drinking bowl tea in a teahouse in Chengdu.

The second basic tea utensil is the glass cup. The original use of glass cups for brewing green tea originated in the Jiangnan region. Because of its green color, beautiful soup and green shape, when customers arrived, they were offered a glass of green tea so that they could directly observe the buds and leaves of the green tea and its beautiful shape and color. Everyone was given an individual cup to complete their tasting appraisal, saving trouble. Another point is that the green tea itself is light, so it won’t be too strong even if it’s brewed for a long time in a glass cup.

Brew tea in a glass cup.

More and more people are starting to enjoy glass teaware due to its transparency that makes it easy to observe the color of tea leaves and soup. The single straight-cylinder glass cup has also evolved into various forms such as glass teapot, glass cover bowl, etc. In addition to green tea, red tea, yellow tea and flower tea which emphasize on visual enjoyment value have also begun their journey of brewing in glass teaware.

Glass Teapot for Brewing Tea

Finally, the last kind mentioned is a purple clay teapot. Because of its good air-tightness and the porosity of the purple clay, it is particularly suitable for high temperature tea brewing such as Pu’er tea, oolong tea and old tea. Naturally, due to its good insulation performance, the taste of the brewed tea comes out faster with a purple clay pot. To brew a good pot of purple clay tea really requires some effort.

From another perspective, compared with the crystal-clear glass tea sets, the thousands of colors of lids and glazes, the natural mud material of purple sand teapots is particularly simple, plus the unique shapes such as Man Sheng 18 Style and so on, Purple Sand Teapot’s charm is greatly increased and becomes the favorite tea set of many tea people.

Which of the three basic types of tea ware do you like the most?