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A tea bowl with cover is a common Han-style teaware, commonly used in daily life for steeping tea. It has advantages such as simplicity, easy to learn, no smell absorption, fast heat conduction, practicality and elegance. So what kind of tea is suitable to drink with a covered bowl? Let’s take a look.

Which type of tea is suitable for drinking with a covered bowl?

The range of using a lid cup is wide, white tea, raw Puer, ripe Puer and even black tea can all be brewed with it. Green tea can also be brewed in this way, but one should pay attention to the method; glass cup is more suitable for brewing green tea.

The method of making tea with a lid on the bowl:
1. Heat water in a pot and pour it into the bowl.
2. Put tea leaves into the bowl, then cover with a lid.
3. After about 3 minutes, remove the lid and use a spoon to scoop out the tea leaves from the liquid.
4. Enjoy your tea!

Green Tea: Don’t stew green tea in a covered bowl; instead, quick-boil it to avoid steeping. When re-infusing the leaves, pay attention to the gap method of covering the bowl.

2.Black tea: Brew black tea in a covered cup. The strength and lightness should be appropriate, not too strong, and lightly brewed is the best. Covered cups are convenient and quick. The water temperature should be controlled at above 90 degrees.

3. White Tea: White tea brewed in a covered bowl does not absorb the aroma of tea like a purple sand pot to nourish itself. White tea does not stew tea, and it is easy to master the water rules. The new white tea will have soup from the first to third infusion immediately, if it is weak, you can take a proper cup.

Pu’er ripe tea: Ripe Pu belongs to post-fermented tea, suitable for brewing with a higher temperature to extract the flavor of tea. After boiling water, it can be directly used to brew tea. Since ripe tea is heavy in taste but not in fragrance, when adding water, it should be gentle and slow, not hurried or rushed to impact the tea leaves, but slowly saturate them. Covering the bowl for steeping ripe tea can better reflect its original flavor. The water temperature for brewing should be controlled at 100 degrees when brewing, so that it can better brew out the charm of ripe tea.

The technique of making tea in a cup.

The most common way of picking up a lid bowl is with three fingers, called the three-finger method. Many women like to use this method. When pouring soup, adjust the size of the opening with your index finger on the button and pinch the two sides of the bowl with your thumb and middle finger. Bend your ring finger and little finger on the side of your middle finger without contact with the lid bowl, then come vertically to pour soup. This should be noted that Ring & Little Finger must not be lifted, which is a big taboo in Tea Art, it will look very frivolous. If you don’t get the technique right, you need to practice more and find the right position.

Cover the bowl, many kinds of tea can be brewed, but different teas should be brewed with different methods in a covered bowl. One must pay attention to this. In addition, when making tea in a covered bowl, one should take care not to burn oneself, especially for beginners.