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Nowadays, the craftsmanship of teaware has gradually evolved into a legacy, a kind of exploration. Water and cup, as if congenital complement each other, is simply an ideal match. A good horse needs a saddle, and good tea naturally needs first-class utensils!

Let’s take a look at the best partners of tea and utensils. In life, the most common tea utensils are mostly glass cups, purple sand kettles and ceramic lid bowls. Whether the choice of tea utensil is appropriate or not directly affects the brewing effect of tea. So how do tea and utensils “match”? What kind of tea is paired with what kind of teaware? How should teaware be selected?

Red tea – White porcelain lid bowl

White porcelain lidded cups are a great choice for brewing red tea. When using white porcelain teaware to brew red tea, the strong contrast of the red tea’s hue against the white teaware creates an aesthetically pleasing effect and makes the tea look even more vibrant with its color and aroma enhanced.

Green tea–glass cup

Glass cups are mainly used to brew teas with higher appreciation value. Green tea is characterized by clear soup and green leaves. When brewing, it is better to choose a glass cup with thin walls, easy heat dissipation, dense texture, small porosity, and not easy to absorb fragrance. After brewing, it is convenient to observe the tender buds.

Like Biluochun, once brewed, the tea buds first sink to the bottom of the cup. Then they make a “white clouds rolling and snowflakes flying” shape. After absorbing water, the buds slowly unfold, filling the cup with spring colors. Through the glass cup, you can see everything in sight.

Oolong Tea – Purple Sand Pot

Oolong tea, brewed with a purple clay teapot, is more mellow. For example, both a Gaiwan and a purple clay teapot can be used to brew Da Hong Pao. Brewing with a purple clay teapot can make the tea soup mellow and the aroma will not dissipate.

White Tea – White Porcelain Lidded Bowl

The white tea has a light and elegant color, with a bowl of white tea for direct viewing, smelling, and the material of the white porcelain is more likely to hang fragrance, which can retain the aroma of the white tea. Besides, the cover bowl has a large opening for faster heat dissipation, so it won’t spoil the white tea and make the taste experience more comfortable.

Yellow tea — Glass cup

The best choice for brewing oolong tea is glass cup or lid bowl, especially for the famous Junshan Silver Needle. It is most appropriate to use a glass cup when drinking, as you can appreciate the “three rise and three falls” of the tea leaves in the process of drinking.

Black tea – purple clay teapot

Black tea needs to be brewed with high temperature in order to bring out the full flavor of the tea. Therefore, teaware should be able to resist boiling and preserve fragrance, so generally it is suitable to use purple clay pot for brewing, which could make its mellow taste stand out even more. Purple clay pot is mainly used for brewing tea with strong fragrance and coarse old leaves.

With the change of times and ideas, people pursue different things for drinking tea, some are simply tasting the tea fragrance, some are for health and fitness, while others are habitual for many years. Of course, no matter what, tea is still closely related to modern people’s lives. Besides the tea itself, people also have a deeper exploration of the “tea companion” – teacup.