• by vinux

The maintenance of a purple sand pot is commonly known as “nourishing the pot”. The purpose of “nourishing the pot” is to make it better able to contain aroma and flavor, and give the pot its own simple luster. Purple sand pots need to be nurtured, and the more they are nurtured, the more moist they are, and the more inner luster they have. This is what many pot friends or people who just started playing with pots hope to achieve.

People often ask why purple clay teapots are not sold after being soaked? Maybe someone has told you that people like soaked purple clay teapots more, and they are a little bit more expensive. After soaking, the teapot becomes more beautiful, which can attract more people. Here we first take a look at the pictures below. These two teapots were made by the same craftsman, with the same clay material and same capacity and style.

If these two purple clay teapots are put in front of you, which one will you choose? The teapot that has been soaked is better in terms of gloss and the feeling it gives people than the one that has not been soaked.

As a lover of purple sand teapots, the first thing you need is a pot with good clay. How do you know if the clay is good or not? That’s by raising the pot. The effect of raising the pot will tell you how good the clay is (the better the clay, the faster the wrapping), and for purple sand clay, good clay is difficult to burn but easy to raise.

A purple clay teapot that is kept in its original kiln state, which you have purchased and brought back, will produce better tea with shorter cycles of change if the soil used to brew is of better quality.

Instead of buying a pre-glazed pot, why not nurture one yourself? Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment and have a deeper impression of purple sand, but also gain a deeper understanding of the materials in the process of playing with tea pots and have noble sentiment and temperament. Purple sand pots are not just collections or daily necessities, but also works of art. Take a closer look at purple sand and you will learn more from it!