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1. Bowls are easy to use for making tea and can hold any amount of leaves you need.
2. Bowls help keep the tea hot longer than other utensils like mugs, pots, or kettles.
3. Bowls are easily portable and do not take up much space when traveling.
4. A bowl is an attractive serving piece and makes a great presentation when pouring tea into different cups at the same time.
5. The shape of a bowl allows more room for the water to circulate and release more flavor from the tea leaves.
6. With bowls, there’s no need to worry about an overpowering taste or aroma due to too much steeping time as it’s easier to control the amount of water being used in smaller quantities compared to a mug or teapot.
7. You can brew multiple infusions in one bowl – just add new water and wait for each infusion to steep before pouring out your cupfuls of delicious tea!
8. Finally, bowls look great when hosting guests or on display in your kitchen, adding a touch of style and elegance to your home décor!
A teapot lid used to brew tea in the past was mostly used for flower tea and Tieguanyin, but there are no restrictions now. It can be used to brew tea and then divided into drinks, or one person can use a set as a teacup to drink directly. The vessel is for the tea, the people are for the tea, this is the great way, and tea is the root! I’m afraid many people have gradually deviated from this track in the process of drinking tea. From a practical point of view, porcelain lids are the best utensils for drinking tea! The following eight reasons:

Covering a bowl is the best way to make tea for 8 reasons:
1. It helps maintain water temperature longer;
2. Gives you more room to add other ingredients such as herbs and spices;
3. The rim of the bowl traps steam and its fragrance;
4. Allows you to swirl the tea freely while steeping;
5. Ideal size for multiple infusions;
6. Steeps larger leaves better than cups or mugs;
7. Practical way to drink as it’s easy to scoop out loose leaves with a spoon;
8. Aesthetically pleasing with an organic shape and traditional style.

The price is cheap. After all, most people are not millionaires! A set of white porcelain lid bowls only costs forty or fifty yuan, including a lid bowl, an honest cup, several small cups, and a teapot. Everything is ready to go!

With a lid, there is no need to worry about industrial materials such as foam, spray or sanded tea or pure ingredients, or what is manual or semi-manual. Get rid of countless worries and go straight to the essence of tea!

Looking at the relationship between teapots and tea, a cover does not take away the aroma of tea nor does it hide its flaws; rather, it faithfully reflects the characteristics of tea itself! Moreover, one pot cover is all you need to brew famous teas from all around the world! By doing so, you can proudly stand apart from others! (Or shall we say, brewing beautiful women without any consequences?)

Covering a bowl of tea is simple and it is easier to make a cup of ideal tea soup. If you want the soup to come out faster, open the gap wider; if you want the soup to come out slower, open the gap smaller—it’s just as you please! This reflects people’s nature to like being in control! Some experiments have proved that it takes more than ten seconds for a teapot to come out with the tea, while covering a bowl only takes several seconds! There is no need to worry about stewing the tea leaves.

Generally, the capacity of a covered bowl is not big, which is suitable for drinking! Generally, the capacity of a pot is larger. After boiling several times, it can be filled with water! It’s a pity to pour it away and it’s not in line with the current promotion of thrift society. Therefore, isn’t someone shouting “It’s a torture for one person to drink alone”? The covered bowl is just right, neither too big nor too small. Let’s enjoy the pleasure that tea brings us!

Remove the lid of the bowl to appreciate the gracefulness of the tea leaves, the captivating soup color, and smell the natural fragrance of tea! What a great pleasure it is in life!

Covering bowls can also be pleasing to the eye! It can also give people a beautiful enjoyment, cultivating our disposition! People laugh at me for being crazy, I laugh at them for not seeing through it! Those who are used to covering bowls are mostly experts! I just know it’s good, but I don’t use it much.

It’s better for a beauty to hold a bowl, being gentle and amiable! It’s hard to imagine how a woman would feel holding a big pot!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Only plain white porcelain bowls best fit the tea ceremony’s aesthetic of simplicity, serenity, and simplicity!

The biggest drawback of brewing tea with a cover bowl is that it can be hot! How to prevent this? Firstly, pay attention not to fill the water up; secondly, pay attention to the way of holding the cover bowl, as shown in the following figure (also called female-style grip).

I saw another method online: when pouring tea, leave a gap for the soup to come out in advance, then press the top of the lid with your right thumb (of course you can use your left thumb if you are used to it). The remaining four fingers hold the cover support. Pay attention to make sure it is the cover support, and press tight while pouring! That way you won’t burn your hands!

Using a covered bowl to brew tea has the advantages of being simple, easy to learn, odorless, quick heat conduction, practical, elegant and beautiful. There are different sizes of covered bowls for sale in the market such as 5g, 7g, 10g and so on. It is easy to determine the amount of tea to be used according to the bowl purchased.