• by vinux

To brew Pu’er tea, first choose the right water and vessel. Water is the mother of tea, and vessel is the father of tea. Brewing Pu’er tea with a porcelain covered bowl is a good choice, which helps to observe and appreciate the changes in Pu’er tea soup, and porcelain bowls are easier to hang fragrance than glassware; moreover, the mouth of the covered bowl is large, when open it dissipates heat well and does not easily smother the tea; it is most suitable for brewing delicate raw Pu’er tea.

When making Pu’er tea with a covered bowl:
1. Bring water to boil.
2. Place tea leaves into the bowl and pour boiling water in it.
3. Cover the bowl and steep for 4-5 minutes.
4. Pour the tea into cups, drink and enjoy!

The shape is open, not limiting the expansion of the leaves during infusion. Most of the material is porcelain, not affecting the subtle performance of Pu’er tea. It can be steamed or released during infusion, no need to worry about the steaming smell or boiling feeling caused by teapot. Time control has advantages, soup comes out quickly, and even two seconds for water output. Temperature control is easy; angle and position of water input, size and force of water flow are all adjustable. Easy observation can be made on tea color, soup color and leaf bottom etc.

However, when tea leaves are placed in the bowl and covered with water, only enough water to cover the leaves is needed; do not use too much. Some people like to fill the bowl up to the brim with water when making tea, which can easily scald the hands.

When pouring the soup, the gesture of taking the bowl cover should be neither biased nor crooked; put your fingers on the rim of the bowl, and don’t hold the cup body because you’re afraid of not being able to hold it firmly. Gradually lower along the fair cup to let the tea water flow out slowly, and the tea water will not touch your hand.

If you are a novice in using a gaiwan, it needs repeated practice before you can adjust your brewing method and time according to different varieties of Pu-erh tea so as to truly enjoy its deliciousness.

Making tea with a lid-covered bowl preserves the original flavor of Pu-erh tea, is practical and does not alter the taste. In other words, for skilled practitioners, making tea in this way can yield amazing results that you wouldn’t have believed.