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Shock fracture, to be precise, is due to objects undergoing drastic expansion and contraction, especially when subjected to uneven heating or cooling, resulting in different parts of the object expanding/contracting differently, thus concentrating stress at certain points. For materials with high hardness, low extensibility, strong brittleness and low thermal conductivity, cracks are easily generated under highly concentrated stresses. Different materials have different physical (mechanical) properties under different temperature environments, so their performance will also be different. For example, plastics are prone to cracking in a low temperature environment; glasses, porcelains and potteries are prone to cracking under sudden local overheating etc.

Is cracking only possible with purple sand pottery?

The phenomenon of exploding is not only confined to purple sand, but also to glass and porcelain. For many young people nowadays, the glass-made hot water bottle has become unfamiliar. However, those who have used it know very well that in winter, especially in the north, if the hot water bottle washed with cold water is filled with boiling water or inadvertently filled with cold water after pouring out boiling water for cleaning, then the hot bottle will immediately “explode”. That is one kind of manifestation of explosive phenomenon.

What is the main reason for a purple sand pot to shatter?

The cracking of a purple sand teapot is affected by many factors such as the quality of the mud material, the shape of the teapot, the thickness of the wall, and heat condition. For example, for Zhu Ni with high glass phase degree and high tensile strength, if the blanking and firing process are basically uniform, then its resistance to high temperature cracking performance will be relatively good; Duan Ni belongs to low glass phase degree and relatively loose texture. If it is heated locally or the thickness of teapot shape has obvious changes, it is easy to form cracks. The shapes of flower wares are repetitive and have great differences in thickness. They are also prone to cracks. In addition, some places soak tea in a teacup with an inside-out attack method. It should be noted that if there is too much difference between internal and external water temperatures, cracking may also occur easily.

How to try to prevent Zisha teapots from cracking?

Purple sand teapots (mainly Zhu-ni teapots) are different from other kinds of clay in use, and one should pay attention to its temperature change or it may crack easily. This should be especially taken into account during wintertime in the north.

This is because usually the crystallization of zhuni pottery is better than other clay types (high density), and there is no (other clay types) pore margin to cushion its sudden change when the temperature difference shrinks sharply. Therefore, it is best to use warm water to shower the outside of the pot body before entering the pot to heat the teapot, heat cup and other washing drinking links, which will greatly prevent the probability of shock.