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The porcelain tires of the tea set are white and thin. This helps in viewing the color of the tea soup and dissipating heat, as the tires are white and thin, so the water temperature should not be too high. If the temperature is low in winter, directly putting the celadon tea set in boiling water may cause it to burst.

Will boiling water ruin a blue and white porcelain teaware set?

Gradually increasing the temperature will not damage it. Because when producing ceramic and porcelain, the embryo is cooled and dried first, then heated little by little until it reaches more than 700 degrees. Then it slowly cools down. This is what we call “firing”.

If the sudden temperature change is too great, it is easy to cause the teaware to burst. Therefore, it is necessary to warm up the cup and cup before using the celadon teaware for brewing tea.

The advantages and disadvantages of blue and white porcelain teaware are:
Advantages: Blue and white porcelain is a classic type of Chinese ceramic ware, which has a unique style that is elegant and refined. It is an excellent material for making teapots, teacups, mugs, and other items in the tea set. The porcelain is strong enough to hold hot temperatures without breaking or cracking.

Disadvantages: The cost can be expensive compared to other materials as it requires skillful production techniques. In addition, if not cared for properly, the coloration or pattern can fade or become damaged due to age or improper handling.

In the Ming Dynasty, Qingci teaware was well-known for its delicate texture, dignified shape, jade green glaze and elegant patterns. At the end of the 16th century, Longquan Qingci was exported to France and became a sensation in the whole of France. People compared it to the beautiful blue dress of Shella in the popular European play “The Shepherdess” at that time, calling Longquan Qingci “Shella” and treating them as rare treasures. In modern times, Zhejiang Longquan Qingci teaware has further developed and new products have emerged. In addition to all the advantages of porcelain teaware, this kind of teaware is more beneficial for making green tea with its beautiful emerald color. However, when used to make red tea, white tea, yellow tea or black tea, it will easily lose its original appearance and seem to be inadequate.

How to maintain blue and white porcelain tea sets?

Blue and white porcelain tea sets are delicate and need to be properly taken care of. To ensure their longevity, handle them carefully and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Wash with a mild detergent in lukewarm water using a soft non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly after washing and allow to air dry completely before storing away. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the tea set as needed.

Tea sets are certainly used to brew tea. When using a celadon tea set, you can use a brush and teapot juice to moisten the surface of the pottery first. Then you can enjoy the changes of the cicada wings on the surface of the pottery, then start brewing tea. Cleaning is very important after each use of celadon tea sets. Cleaning means washing both inside and outside of the tea set, and avoiding close contact with oil stains. The cleaned tea set should be placed in a dry and clean place.

A good teapot not only makes tea, but also needs to be taken care of. After careful maintenance and play of each authentic celadon teapot, a unique spirit will appear. The change of cicada wings on celadon tea set is different for each one, which is why there is only one in the world. It is an excellent collection. If you own a tea shop, a set of celadon tea sets can show both face and profound tea culture accumulation. Of course, maintaining a teapot requires continuity, just like you need to feed a goldfish every day. It also needs regular use to cultivate a good pot, so as to see the aesthetic changes of its texture with tea integration, and have the function of pleasing to the eye.