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Changes in the way of making tea have led to people using new tea wares, which has occurred many times in ancient China.

In the Tang Dynasty, green porcelain bowls were regarded as the best for tea sets because in the middle period of the Tang Dynasty, people adopted steaming and greening method to make tea. The method called “Ancha” advocated by Lu Yu required that after crushing tea leaves in bottle and jar, hot water was used for infusion. Every process from picking tea leaves, making tea to storing, boiling water and drinking had its own exquisite methods and tools to get the real flavor of tea. After steaming and greening, the soup became jade-green with a trace of red. When it was served in porcelain bowl with glaze color in blue-green, the soup appeared crystal clear and pure. Therefore Lu Yu said “Xing not like Yue” which meant Xing Kiln’s white porcelain bowl was not as good as Yue Kiln’s green porcelain bowl for drinking tea.

In the Song Dynasty, tea was still steamed with green method. However, people in Song Dynasty liked to use black glazed teacups for drinking tea. The reason was that “dou cha” (tea game) was popular in the Song Dynasty, and black glazed teacups were easy to observe tea color and show white tea foam. Therefore, it became the first choice of “dou cha” players. Cai Xiang from the Song Dynasty said in “Cha Lu”: “The tea is white, suitable for a black cup. The newly made ones from Jian’an dynasty are deep-black in color and have fur-like patterns on them. They are slightly thick so it takes time to cool down after heated up, which is the most important one to use. Those made elsewhere are either too thin or purple in color and are not as good as this type. Green and white cups are seldom used by ‘dou cha’ players.”

During the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty, the court issued an order to ban the making of Gong Cha. Since then, Gong Cha tuo cake has been used for border trading, and loose tea (leaf tea) has been used in China. Tea drinking gradually changed from boiling to boiling water brewing, which once caused the evolution of tea utensils.

Since the middle period of the Ming Dynasty, brewing tea with teapots has become popular. The reason is that the teapot is better than the teacup for keeping warm and preventing dust from falling in. In addition, the tightness of the teapot is better than that of the teacup, which can keep the fragrance from dispersing easily. Therefore, brewing tea with a teapot quickly became popular and became a fashion. Yixing purple sand pot stands out in response to people’s custom of brewing tea with pot, and gradually gained people’s wide recognition for its excellent performance for making tea.