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In daily life, most of us use glass cups when drinking green tea. Glass cups can bring out the flavor without affecting it and cool down the tea quickly. Additionally, it allows people to appreciate the dancing of the tea leaves. Therefore, many people like using glass cups for making green tea. Besides using glass cups, is it possible to make green tea in covered bowls? Let’s find out.

Can green tea be brewed in a covered cup?

Green tea can be brewed with a lid bowl, although many friends say that it is regrettable that the color and shape of green tea cannot be observed, and the beautiful leaves and soup color cannot be seen when brewing green tea with a lid bowl. Ordinary green tea can be brewed with a lid bowl, while fine green tea should be brewed with glass cups or glass lid bowls. Nowadays, many glass cups also have Chinese style, which makes it very enjoyable to brew green tea.

However, it is true that you can observe the shape of the tea leaves and the color of the tea with a glass cup, but for tasting purposes, it is still recommended to steep it in a covered bowl. This will fully bring out each infusion’s layers of flavor, making the tea more layered and flavorful.

In addition, fundamentally, using a covered bowl to brew green tea can better appreciate the lid fragrance and bottom fragrance. On the other hand, glass cups may quickly disperse the tea fragrance. Although glass cups of tea are more aesthetically pleasing, covered bowls provide a refreshing feeling that is truly a treat for your taste buds.

The method of making green tea with a bowl cover is as follows: Boil some water in a pot and pour it into the bowl. Put the appropriate amount of green tea in the bowl, then cover it with the bowl cover. Wait for about 5 minutes, and then you can enjoy your green tea.

Warm cup cleaning utensils

Because the tea soup of green tea is light in color, using a light cover bowl can set off its brightness. After preparing the cover bowl, warm the utensils first to increase the temperature of the utensils and release more aroma.

Properly measure and add tea.

Brewing general green tea, the ratio of tea to water is roughly 1:50, the capacity of the cup is about 170ml, and it is about 150ml when filled 8/10 full. Therefore, the amount of tea to be put in should be 3g.

Water Temperature Control

Since it is brewed in a cup with cover, it is an instant drink. Compared to brewing in a glass cup, it can add some water temperature, approximately around 90 degrees Celsius.

Brew the soup.

Brewing with the lower-injection method, first put in the tea leaves and shake for soaking, then use the Phoenix three-spot technique for brewing. The soup will be ready in less than fifteen seconds.

Enjoy a cup of tea.

Uncover the lid and smell the fragrance, experiencing the refreshing aroma of green tea through the nasal cavity; eye-view the tea soup, a good tea soup should be clear and translucent; then drink it to appreciate the charm of green tea.

How to choose a suitable bowl cover?

The cup chosen should have a thin porcelain tire, so that less heat can be absorbed when brewing, and the temperature of the tea will be higher, making it easier to stimulate the tea fragrance.

It is important to be aware of the capacity when purchasing a bowl, and bowls with capacities between 130-145 milliliters are most suitable. The bowl should also be light-weight for ease of control, even for girls to handle easily.

When selecting a bowl cover, in addition to capacity, also pay attention to the rim of the bowl and the knob of the lid. Pay attention to the appearance of the lid, the outward arc of the lip, that is, the lid with a slightly outwardly inclined bowl.

That’s it for the introduction. Green tea can also be brewed in a covered bowl, and we can choose according to our preferences, whether it is brewed in a glass cup or a covered bowl. However, when brewing green tea with a covered bowl, pay attention to the correct method and be careful not to burn yourself.