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The Yixing purple clay teapots from Jiangsu Yixing are famous all over the world. The locals love to drink Yixing local red tea with their purple clay teapot. In their eyes, the combination of Yixing teapot and red tea is the most comfortable life; whether it’s enjoying the silence by oneself or chatting with friends, what lies quietly inside the purple clay teapot is Yixing red tea. It is said that the kiln workers who make these purple clay teapots in this area love to enjoy a pot of red tea after work.

The color of red tea soup is both red and dense, so it is best to choose a darker purple sand pot when selecting the pot, such as red clay andpurple clay. Because red tea usually needs longer insulation time when brewing, it is better to use a higher and slender purple sand pot. The capacity should be controlled around 250 ml, and the amount of dry tea brewed each time should be controlled around 7 grams.

Put a small amount of red tea into the kettle, pour in boiling water and let it infuse. The fragrance spreads. After a few minutes, the richly fragranced tea pours into a small cup with an elegant color. It smells so intoxicating that one can’t help but take a sip. On the tongue, the unique nutty and ripe fruity flavour lingers, leaving an unforgettable taste of freshness and richness.

Red tea is a fully fermented tea. The polyphenols in the tea are continuously oxidized during the fermentation process, and the nutrients hidden in the leaves escape to the surface of the leaves, making them very easy to dissolve in water. Therefore, when brewing, it requires high control over water temperature and needs to be controlled around 85 degrees.

Drinking black tea often can not only help digestion, but also nourish and protect the stomach. Using black tea to make kung fu tea, the soup is thick and easy to hang up. After the soaking, it looks good and makes people love it.

The steps for brewing red tea with a Yixing purple clay teapot:
1. Preheat the teapot by adding hot water and swirling it around.
2. Rinse the tea leaves with water before brewing in order to remove any dirt or debris.
3. Place the desired amount of tea leaves into the teapot and fill with hot water just off boiling (around 90-95°C).
4. Gently swish the pot to make sure all the leaves are saturated with water, then let it steep for 1-2 minutes depending on your preference in strength.
5. Serve up your freshly brewed red tea!

The first step of making tea with a purple clay teapot: Warm the teapot and cup.

For brewing tea, both the inside and outside of the teapot and teacup should be scalded with hot water. This can not only clean the pot, but also remove any dormant mildew, as well as warm up the pot to bring out its flavor. Soaking everything thoroughly can prevent dirt from accumulating often during tea brewing, eliminating any unhealthy impurities.

The second step of making tea with a purple clay teapot is to brew the tea.

First, select the tea leaves and put about one fifth of the amount of the teapot into the teapot. The amount of tea leaves should be well grasped; too much will make it more flavorful, while too little will make it tasteless.

The third step of making tea with a purple clay teapot: wash the tea.

Next, pour boiling water into the teapot and immediately pour out the water in the teapot. If there are any bubbles, gently scrape them off with the lid of the pot. This is also called washing tea. The purpose is to filter out impurities on the surface of the tea leaves.

The fourth step to brewing tea with a purple clay teapot: Taste the tea.

Then re-infuse the oolong tea with suitable boiling water, at a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. The infusion time is affected by many factors including the type of tea, amount used, water temperature and the size of the pot. After some practice it is not difficult to master this step, and repeating it allows you to enjoy your tea in all its complexity.

The fifth step in making tea with a purple clay teapot is to put it back in its place.

After using it, clean and dry it. Take off the lid and turn the bottom of the pot up while keeping the mouth down and letting it air dry naturally. With these five simple steps, you can enjoy a good tea brewed with a purple clay teapot.