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How to pry open a tightly pressed tea?

Rough people often break open directly with their hands, while delicate people can strip down the tea leaves one by one with a fine-headed tea scoop.

Except for a few outliers who open tea with pliers, most prying tea behavior lies between these two.

Roughness inevitably leads to an increase in debris, while finesse is time-consuming and laborious.

Normally, one hand presses the tea block tightly while the other grasps the tea chisel to aim at the gap in the tea block and insert it to lift. Then, the tea block will be detached.

Skilled practitioners can easily pry up the brick of tea intact; unskilled practitioners can only leave it in pieces; some are even more clumsy and end up shattering it into bits.

What tool is used to boil water?

Boiling water is the process of heating water to its boiling point through any available means. What tools are used will depend on the constraints at hand.

Rich people with leisure can use golden kettles, silver kettles, copper kettles and cast iron kettles to boil water, and burn sandalwood charcoal to heat it. Poor people can just brew it casually. If even that is not possible they can use a water dispenser; in short, anything that can boil the water will do.

As for the difference, it mainly lies in the cultural experience.

In simple terms, there is not much difference between the water poured out by a gold pot and that from a water dispenser in terms of temperature and molecular formula, but the water dispenser certainly cannot provide the same experience as that from a gold pot.

How to choose a bowl cover that won’t burn your hands?

Objectively speaking, the “hotness” or not of the teaware is only one aspect; perhaps more important are the techniques of operation.

There are some new forms of tea sets which can avoid the scalding problem, such as the elegant cup.

In terms of pot lids, two aspects determine whether one is not too hot to handle. Firstly, material: porous materials such as earthenware tend to be cooler to touch. Secondly, shape: the lid wall should be smooth and the water should flow out cleanly and easily. Additionally, size and weight are key factors; they must be manageable otherwise it will be difficult to hold steady, resulting in an unavoidable burning sensation.

What kind of purple sand pot is good for pouring out water?

Please welcome Li Yu, a master of Qing Dynasty life, to answer the questions.

When buying a teapot, the spout must be straight. If it has one bend, you should worry about it. If there are two bends, it’s just garbage. As pouring tea and wine are not the same; wine does not have dregs, so if the spout is straight or slightly bent there is no problem; but tea has tea leaves and when brewed they will spread out into a large piece which may block the spout of the teapot. Without being able to pour water out of your teapot, drinking tea becomes quite depressing. Therefore, having a straight spout is important as any blockage can be easily cleared. Having a bent spout on your entire teapot is just asking for trouble.

What kind of tea set is needed for the office tea ceremony?

Office tea ceremony, with tea, cups, boiled water, is enough. The key difference lies in the composition of cup set and items for boiling water.

How to match then would be a more rational choice?