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A famous saying has long been circulating in the purple sand teapot industry: “What is the value of pearls and jade in the world, compared to a ball of earth from Yixian Stream?” The verse reflects the preciousness of Yixian produced purple sand teapots. “Yixian” is an ancient name for Yixing, which is the birthplace of purple sand teapots. Purple clay from Yixing is top grade among all raw materials used for making purple sand teapots, also known as “clay within clay”, and purple sand teapots made with it are considered the best quality. Therefore, Yixing has earned its reputation as the “Pottery Capital”.

The earliest record of Yixing Zisha pottery can be traced back to the Song Dynasty, with a history of more than a thousand years. In the long river of Zisha art, Zisha and exquisite porcelain and jade have become one of the most favored objects among Chinese literati. Such cultural celebrities as Su Dongpo, Zheng Banqiao and Li Liweng all loved Zisha tea sets. Intentionally or not, Zisha pots have not only been limited to the level of “usage” of objects, but also become a unique expression of cultural connotation.

Yu Hu Yi Pin is such a mature brand that integrates practicality and artistry. Yu Yunlu, the founder of Yu Hu Yi Pin, was born in Dingshu Town, Yixing. Dingshu Town has the highest quality purple sand raw materials in Yixing. Relying on mountains and eating mountains, the Yu family has been local pottery makers for generations. Father Yu Xiongming learned from the contemporary purple sand art master Zhu Kexin, and had an intimate relationship with Zhu Kexin’s offspring Zhu Xiaohua, inheriting Zhu Kexin’s purple sand technology and philosophy. Influenced by Zhu Kexin’s purple sand sculptures and layout, Yu Xiongmings’ purple sand works are famous both at home and abroad for their exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful shape and profound implication. Yu Yunlu inherited his ancestors’ purple sand traditions, drawing from the essence of traditional arts in his ancestors’ creation of purple sand. For a long time he has been under the special guidance of masters such as Wang Yinxian and Gu Shaopei on making purple-sand teapots, becoming one of our country’s outstanding young ceramic artists.

The purple sand pot produced by Yuhu Yipin integrates the profound understanding of traditional culture connotation, purple sand making technology and artistic aesthetic taste of generations of Yu’s family. Yuhu Yipin inherits the craftsman spirit of ancestors, selects high-quality primary ore material from Huanglong Mountain as the raw material for ceramics production, rejects industrial bulk imitation through grouting, insists on original design and all manual production. Each pot is carefully polished, blending masters’ craftsmanship and craftsman spirit. From the base to the lid,from the handle to the spout, with beautiful layout and structure lines, exquisite details express the cultural connotation and artistic atmosphere.

Brew tea with a Yu Hu Yi Pin purple sand pot, which won’t burn your hands and won’t lose its original flavor. The aroma won’t dissipate either, nor will there be the smell of boiled soup; instead, you can get the pure aroma and original taste of tea leaves, which makes drinking tea more flavorful. “Yi Pin” means “One Grade” and it includes Yu Hu Yi Pin’s ultimate pursuit of One Grade purple sand and One Grade life.