Handmade Antique Tonghong Chaishao Tea Cup.

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Origin: Guangzhou
Product Quality Grade: First Grade
Material: High Boron Silicon

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Size: caliber: 5.5cm/height: 6cm

Burning Technique of Tonghongchai

It has to go through many processes, such as mineral processing, crushing, washing, blending, decaying, mud refining, mud kneading, billet drawing, slab trimming, plain firing, glazing, kiln loading, roasting and so on. It is calcined at 1300 ℃.

Tonghong Chaishao Handmade Antique Tea Cup is an exquisite traditional Chinese cup that is popularly used during tea ceremonies. Made of high-quality clay with an attractive surface that shines and smooths over time, its exquisite shape and fine craftsmanship allow it to serve a variety of tea types including green, oolong, black, and white varieties.

Tonghong Chaishao Handmade Antique Tea Cup offers numerous advantages for tea enthusiasts. First of all, its history dates back to 1450 AD when this type of cup first made its debut! Additionally, its intricate traditional patterns and symbols reflect Chinese culture and heritage while its thin wall material and low heat conduction rate helps preserve flavor longer while its rustic look adds charm to every tea-drinking experience.

Here are some features that set this special antique tea cup apart:
Unique handmade designs crafted from high-grade clay material with intricate traditional patterns and low heat conduction are created using handmade techniques and quality clay material, providing low heat conduction.
Thin walls to preserve the flavor of your favorite tea, ideal for small portions and featuring vintage appeal.
The Tonghong Chaishao Handmade Antique Tea Cup is an excellent way to add elegance and sophistication to any collection. Boasting classic design combined with cutting-edge technology, it is suitable for casual gatherings as well as formal events – making this piece indispensable in the life of a dedicated tea drinker!

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4 reviews for Handmade Antique Tonghong Chaishao Tea Cup.

  1. Zack

    Love these guys! They’re cute! I bought two- they wobble on the saucer quite a bit and definitely get real hot but that’s expected honestly.

  2. Pavle

    nice, smooth and round, and the size is fine. I have to buy a few more

  3. Jing Xu

    I use this to thaw frozen fish food for each of my aquaria. They’re small, decorative, and easy to rinse clean.

  4. Bula Wali

    very good-looking, and there’s no damage. It’s well protected.

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