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The introduction of Glass from the West during the Tang Dynasty changed the traditional Chinese porcelain-making technology and brought about a revolutionary effect. Chinese began to fire glass tea sets with various colors, materials and shapes. The glass tea set became an indispensable tool for people to enjoy tea, presenting them with a bright and shining feeling. Archaeological discoveries show that although Chinese glass was relatively primitive at that time, it had already developed into an industry and was widely used in daily life in the Tang Dynasty. With its unique charm, Chinese Glass has been widely appreciated since then and is still popular today.

Glass has a long history of use in China, dating back to the Song Dynasty. During this era, lead-based glassware was produced for art and decorative purposes. As the Yuan and Ming Dynasties passed, large glass workshops were established in many places such as Shandong and Xinjiang. During the Qing Kangxi period, a court glass factory was even opened in Beijing. However, the production of teaware wasn’t popularized until modern times. Glass is now widely used for making teaware due to its transparency and malleability which allows for a variety of shapes and sizes. When glass teaware is used for brewing tea, one can appreciate the dynamic beauty of tea leaves unfolding with each infusion producing a misty cup filled with clear jade green buds—the perfect beverage to both behold and enjoy. Furthermore, this exquisite teaware is inexpensive yet of great quality; no wonder it’s so popular among consumers!