Due to the variation of geological causes, there is no absolute standard for the distribution of various purple sand ore in the ore layer. Even for the same type of ore, due to different production areas and ore layers, its position in the mud layer will also be different. For example, purple mud is generally produced in the lower part of black mud, but sometimes it is produced in the lower part of clump mud; green mud is usually produced at the lower part of dragon bone adhesion layer, but sometimes it is produced between other mud layers. Other types of ores also have similar situations. Nowadays, basic classification of ore is generally carried out according to the depth of ore layer when mining.

Purple sand clay can be mainly classified into three categories: purple mud, Benshan green mud and red mud. Each major category of clay can also be further classified into small categories, and different proportions of these types of clay can be mixed and refined to produce pottery raw materials with various colors and textures. The fame of the clay and potter, the artistic nature of the pot, rarity, difficulty in production are often factors that affect the price.

The Rich Tapestry of Clay Teapots
Our collection of clay teapots, including the Yixing Teapot, is not just about brewing tea; it’s about embracing a centuries-old tradition that blends art with functionality. While our range showcases a variety of designs, understanding the deeper history and craftsmanship behind these teapots can elevate your tea experience.

Enhancing the Tea Experience
At ChineseTea4U, we believe that a good clay teapot can elevate the tea-drinking experience. The porous nature of the Yixing clay, as detailed on our reference websites, allows the teapot to gradually absorb the essence of the tea, creating a more complex and enriched flavor with each use. This makes our teapots not just a brewing vessel but a companion in your tea journey, evolving and changing with time.

Invitation to Explore Our Collection
We invite you to explore our collection of clay teapots at ChineseTea4U. Each teapot, with its unique history, craftsmanship, and artistic value, offers more than just a means to brew tea; it offers an experience steeped in history and culture. Whether you are a seasoned tea connoisseur or new to the world of tea, our teapots are sure to add depth and enjoyment to your tea rituals.

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