Blue and White Porcelain Floral Gaiwan


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## Blue & White Porcelain Flower Gaiwan: A Premium Tea Brewing Vessel for Connoisseurs


The Gaiwan, an exquisite vessel dating back to 14th century China, encompasses the essence of tea rituals. This meticulously crafted masterpiece consists of a saucer, bowl, and lid, each designed to harmonize for an unparalleled tea-making experience.

### Unrivalled Craftsmanship:

Our Blue & White Porcelain Flower Gaiwan is fashioned from the finest porcelain, imbued with a delicate shade of blue that evokes serenity and grace. Its wide opening accommodates loose tea leaves effortlessly, allowing their intricate flavors to fully unfurl.

### Perfect for Brewing:

Begin your tea ritual by placing tea leaves into the bowl. Add boiling water to just below halfway, then quickly drain off to rinse the leaves and release their captivating aroma. Now, pour fresh boiling water gently down the inner cup, igniting a swirling dance of the leaves.

As the tea steeps, indulge in its nuanced notes directly from the Gaiwan or pour it into separate cups for a cooler experience. Whether you prefer black teas, green teas, or herbal infusions, this versatile vessel elevates every sip.

### The Art of Gaiwan Usage:

– **Water Temperature:** Precise temperature is crucial for optimal tea brewing. Adjust accordingly based on the tea variety.
– **Brewing Time:** Allow the tea to steep for the recommended duration to extract its full flavor and aroma.
– **Decanting:** Use the Gaiwan as a teapot and pour the brewed tea into a pitcher or tasting cups for convenient serving.

### Specifications:

– **Material:** Porcelain
– **Dimensions:** Width: 10 cm (3.94″), Height: 7.4 cm (2.91″)
– **Capacity:** 150 ml (5.07 oz)

Experience the timeless tradition of tea-making with our Blue & White Porcelain Flower Gaiwan. Its elegant design, exceptional craftsmanship, and versatility will transform your tea rituals into moments of unparalleled pleasure.


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