Shadow Blue Glazed White Porcelain Kung Fu GaiWan Tea Set

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Packaging: carton
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: White Porcelain
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Technology: Celadon
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Chinese Style

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Product Parameters: Bowl body diameter 9.5cm, overall height 9.3cm, base diameter 11.3cm, water capacity about 160ml
* The glaze is moistened like gelling grease, and the crystal is as bright as jade when fired at high temperature. The bowl button is hand trimmed and the petals are shaped.
* The mouth of the bowl is wide, the lines are soft and clear, the petal shape is trimmed by hand, and the design of skimming mouth is not easy to scald. Under the spotlight, it is as transparent as jade, and the tea soup with a unique charm.

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Weight 0.45 kg

5 reviews for Shadow Blue Glazed White Porcelain Kung Fu GaiWan Tea Set

  1. Porky III

    This cup is beautiful. My lid doesnt sit perfectly in it but I dont mind.

  2. Silver-edge

    This little Gaiwan makes brewing loose leaf tea seem less like a chore and more like a spiritual experience. When I first got into loose leaf tea, a Gaiwan was essential for me to enjoy the tea with minimal cleanup and an easy and enjoyable way to brew. This one is well priced and has lasted me quite a while.

  3. RC

    definitely not 150ml. usable only for serving yourself

  4. Katherine Royer

    I use it as a tea bowl. It’s nice and easy to clean. Can’t go wrong for the lettuce I spent.

  5. Kindle Customer

    its difficult to hold if not used to it but it is true to the picture and has been brewing my tea just fine

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