Hand-Painted Dehua Ceramic White Porcelain Tea Cups – Creative Nostalgia Tea Ware

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Material: Ceramics
Classification of Ceramics: White Porcelain
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: hand-painted
Origin: Dehua

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To pay tribute to the traditional handicraft art, craftsmen are devoted to aesthetic hand-paintings, vivid strokes, moderate in stroke strength, natural and orderly in stroke lines; the patterns are delicate and full of aesthetic feeling, the tea aroma is refreshing, and the porcelain is beautiful and eye-pleasing.

The inner wall of the cup is smooth and soft. The tire is as thin as paper and as moist as jade. The delicacy and transparency of the porcelain are amazing.

Hand-painting designs are fine and delicate, artistic conception is carefree and leisurely, which combine painting with ceramic art closely.

The bottom of the original tea fetal foot is smooth, it is polished flat so as to reduce friction with the tea table. And it is in pursuit of the beauty of every detail.

It does neither focus on elegant curve nor focus on deliberately simple. It reveals the natural style and quiet, just like those literati who are far away from fame and ostentation.

Weight: 150g
Capacity: 70ml

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1 review for Hand-Painted Dehua Ceramic White Porcelain Tea Cups – Creative Nostalgia Tea Ware

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    The most beautiful cups ever. Only complaint is they are very small. Holds 1 swallow of tea. High quality & gorgeous.

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