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Packaging: Edible Agricultural Products
Food technology: fried green
Green Tea Picking Time: Before Rain
Origin: Mainland China
Province: Shanxi Province
City: Ankang City
Growth Season: Spring
Tea species: Ziyang Maojian
Taste: Thick and mellow
Shape: pointed
Series: Pre-Rain Tea

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Tea Garden

Near the valleys on both sides of the Hanjiang River in Ziyang County, Shaanxi Province, there are many peaks, clouds and mists, warm in winter and cool in summer, and the climate is suitable for tea. Most of the tea garden soils are loess and thin-layer loess developed from granite and gneiss. They are acidic and slightly acidic, rich in minerals, high in organic matter, loose in soil and good in permeability. They are suitable areas for tea tree growth.

Ziyang tea is one of the most famous tea in Shaanxi province, which is rich in mountains and rivers. Ziyang produced tea in the period of Upper Cuba, and tea trade appeared in the Western Han Dynasty. Shannan tea was listed as a tribute in the Tang Dynasty. Tea was changed from horse to horse in the Song and Ming Dynasties, forcing tea farmers to “make tea day and night, men abandon farming and women abandon weaving”. In the Qing Dynasty, under the noise of a large number of local literati, Ziyang tea became a rare and wonderful thing. “Ziyang tea has been boiled in Qingming since the early spring of the Southern Xiling Mountains.” In this case, Ziyang tea should be regarded as a god. In human history, it may be that only Ziyang has a strong reputation for tea as an image ambassador.


Drinking tea is not consumption. Drinking tea is a necessity of life and an attitude towards life. Drinking tea relieves boredom, smells fragrant and refreshing, and tastes life at the same time. Drinking Ziyang Selenium-enriched Tea quietly, you can feel a light leisure, fragrant, fresh, mellow and full of sweet, with a strand of distinct elegance.

Brewing Method of Ziyang Maojian:
  • [Prepare tea set]:Prepare a clean and transparent glass.
  • [Tea adding]:Add 3-5 grams of Ziyang Maojian (depending on the individual).
  • [Tea washing]:Fill 1/3 of the cup with water, shake the tea soup gently to awaken the tea endoplasm, and then pour off the tea-washing soup.
  • [Water injection]:Continue to pour water until the tea glass is full at seven or eight percent and wait a little for about 4 to 5 minutes before drink.
  • [Drinking tea]:Add water when 1/3 of the tea soup remaining after drinking each time, ensure that each bubble is uniform and tastes delicious. It can be brewed continuously for 4-6 times.

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6 reviews for Ziyang Maojian Green Tea – Haoping Maojian First-Class Tea | Artemisia Rarefaction

  1. Yenny Goris

    The tea has been received. It’s good to brew. There is a faint fragrance. I like it better. The price is affordable and refreshing after drinking it.

  2. Sandy

    Good tea! The tea is rich in flavor, the soup is yellow and green, the leaves are green and even, the taste is mellow and delicious, and the taste is smooth and smooth.

  3. Kindle Customer

    This is good for the quantity. Fairly priced. It doesn’t taste cheap, like yard clippings. You do not need much to reach your zen. It isn’t top of the line, but certainly worth the buy for day to day use. Beats the heck out of other sellers.

  4. Ania Kania

    Tea is very affordable and tastes good. The more I drink it, the more I like it. My family drinks tea every day. If there are guests at home, I must take it out to make a few cups. My friends around me love to drink tea, and drinking tea every day has become a necessary pleasure in my life.

  5. Louis Jung

    As soon as it is opened, the tea is super fragrant, the tea is intact, the tea is very authentic, the aroma is rich, the taste is also very fresh, fresh and delicious, and it feels like it’s worth it.

  6. Marion McCue

    It smells very fragrant and the color is very green. After brewing, the color of the tea should be very beautiful

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