Dehua White Porcelain Kungfu Tea Set with Jade Accents

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Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Lanzhi Jade Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Surface Technology: Transparent Glaze
Tea Plate or Not: No
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Modern and Simple

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White Porcelain
Dehua white porcelain is known as ivory white, lard white and goose down white because of its fine production, firm texture, crystal like jade, and moist glaze like grease. The quality of the fetus is exquisite, and the lines are beautiful and moving no matter what angle you look at.

Teapot (180ml): 12.5cm long and 7.3cm high
Cover Bowl (150ml): 9.8cm long and 8.8cm high
Chahai (220m): 7.8cm long and 8.8cm high

Dehua White Porcelain Jade Tea Set is the perfect way to satisfy any tea enthusiast. This comprehensive kit comes complete with everything needed for crafting delicious cups of brew. Included are: teapot, six cups, lid and tray. The teapot features an exclusive design to retain the full flavor of your tea leaves while brewing, while white porcelain cups with intricate jade inlays add an elegant touch to each cup of tea. These cups feature anti-scalding designs to protect you from burning your hands when pouring hot tea into them. Their lid keeps heat in and prevents spills while their tray provides a convenient platform to place both pot and cups when not in use. This set is ideal for making traditional Chinese Kung Fu Tea or simply enjoying it after dinner as an enjoyable beverage.

The Dehua White Porcelain Jade Tea Set combines functionality and aesthetic appeal in one elegant package, thanks to its modern, functional design. Crafted from high-quality materials like white porcelain and jade, its robust construction withstands regular use without tarnishing or fading; plus its elegant form adds an elegant touch to kitchen decor or dining room table settings; making this set ideal for special events or celebrations with friends and family.

This set is expertly handcrafted with each piece featuring heat resistance, long lasting durability and convenient portability so that it meets the highest quality standards. Plus, each item in this collection features multiple benefits that make them suitable for indoor or outdoor use – taking your favorite cup of tea wherever life may lead!

This set is also highly flexible; each piece can be used independently depending on the size and purpose of your gathering or used to produce different varieties of tea like black, green, oolong and more! For larger gatherings, multiple sets can easily be assembled together using their small handles so you can serve hot cups of aromatic deliciousness promptly!

Overall, the Dehua White Porcelain Jade Tea Set provides an outstanding combination of form and function which makes it suitable for any special occasion, be it entertaining guests at home or taking some down time at work! Crafted with intricate detail combined with its contemporary design elements – you will definitely appreciate all that it has to offer! It will surely bring joy to all those lucky enough to experience it first-hand!

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10 heads, 16 heads, 6-head bowl cover, 6-head teapot

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  1. Alanna

    I love itLooks just like it’s pictured !!

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