Chinese Tea Set

Chinese culture has a long history, and tea culture is an inevitable part of it. Nowadays, tea set is not only an essential tool for making tea, but also a manifestation of personal identity and room style. There are many people who love tea in China, and tea sets have become more and more household utensils. China’s tea culture has a long and profound history, which has formed a unique Chinese tea ceremony and deduced various types of tea utensils with oriental characteristics. A tea table is a tea culture. The tea set and tea ware placed on the tea table are a person’s commentary on the way they drink tea.

In terms of material, tea sets are generally divided into: purple clay, pottery, porcelain, cast iron, glass and so on.

The pottery tea set is made of clay, with high porosity, strong water permeability, rough and dull section, fire-resistant, anti-oxidation, and not easy to corrode. It is usually yellowish-brown, and has a simple style after glazing.

Purple clay ware has a variety of clay colors, mainly vermilion clay and purple sand clay. The tea ware makes full use of the natural color of the mud. After firing, the color is warm and sleek, matt and simple, and it is a perfect fusion of shape, decoration and its natural color. The texture of the purple clay pottery is simple and pure, not charming and not vulgar, and it is very popular among tea drinkers.

Porcelain is a banner of traditional Chinese civilization, and the matching of porcelain tea sets with Chinese tea has allowed Chinese tea to spread around the world. Chinese tea sets were first made mainly of pottery. After the invention of porcelain, the pottery tea sets were gradually replaced by porcelain tea sets.

The iron kettle, also known as the iron bottle, is a vessel used to make tea and boil water. Using pig iron as raw material, using traditional casting technique, and through later manual polishing, the shaped teapot has both health preservation, ornamental and collection value.

Glass tea sets are generally made by mixing quartz-containing sand, limestone, soda ash, etc., then melting and shaping at high temperature, and then cooling. There are many kinds of glass tea sets, such as crystal glass, colorless glass, jade glass, aventurine glass, opal glass tea set and so on.

The basic composition of the tea set

For making tea, purple clay teapot is preferred.

In the evolution of many tea sets, the cultural connotation and spiritual temperament presented by Purple clay tea sets are particularly compatible with the tea ceremony spirit of “harmony, tranquility, completeness, and simplicity”. The purple clay teapot has the characteristics of good air permeability, good heat preservation performance, and tea liquor absorption, making the purple clay teapot the first choice for making tea.

    • 2. The Fair Mug

Used for even tea infusion and tea distribution.
The Fair Mug, also known as tea beach or tea-cup, is used to divide the tea apparatus, after brewing with tea, you can pour the tea infusion into the fair Mug to even out the tea, so that the tea infusion evenly, and then evenly divided to the guests, so that each cup of tea concentration evenly, reflecting an equality.

Used for drinking tea, the cup is shorter.
Sample tea cups are mainly used for sipping tea infusion and are made of various materials, covering purple clay, porcelain, glass, etc.

    • 4. Saucer

It is used to place sample tea cups, fragrance cups, etc. The purpose is to prevent the tea infusion in the cup or the bottom of the cup from splashing on the tea table, and at the same time use the saucer to serve tea to the guests, which is more hygienic.

    • 5. Tea tray

Used for holding tea utensils and draining water.
The tea tray, also known as the tea plate, is a shallow-bottomed vessel for holding teapots, cups, tea ceremony groups, and tea pets. It has wide range of materials, diverse styles, common materials such as metal, bamboo, clay, etc.

    • 6. Boiling Kettle

A set of handy water boilers can bring unlimited inspiration to the drinkers and tea infusion. The jade simmer in the so-called “Four Treasures of the Tea Room” is a kettle. Nowadays, ordinary teahouses often use the purple clay teapots produced in Yixing; iron teapots are also used. The iron teapots are simple and beautiful. The boiling water is soft and has a round and sweet taste. It can be used to brew tea, which can effectively enhance the taste; The water boiled in the silver teapot is soft and sweet, and the teapot is not heavy.

    • 7. Tea Knife

It is used for prying tea cakes. The structure includes a knife body with a handle and a knife sheath, using the front tip of knife body can be smoothly inserted into the tea cake, so as to repeat the above-mentioned method along the cut trajectory, then as long as a small external force, you can achieve the separation of part of the tea cake.

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