Egg Oval Shaped Black Dragon Yixing Teapot – Long Dan Craft Zisha Tea Pot 220ml


Clay type:Wuhui Heini clay
Content:220 ml (7.4oz)
Measures:11.5x9cm (4.5×3.5in)

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A Dragon’s Egg: An Exquisite Black Zisha Teapot of Masterful Craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in the realm of tea artistry with this exceptional black zisha teapot, a testament to the artistry of renowned Yixing craftsman Shen Fang. Carved with intricate dragon motifs against a captivating black backdrop, this teapot embodies the essence of Chinese culture and tradition.

A Fusion of Art and Function:

• The teapot’s sleek oval shape, reminiscent of a dragon egg, symbolizes strength and nobility.

• The intricate dragon and cloud motifs, meticulously hand-carved throughout the pot’s body, speak to the artist’s exceptional skill and attention to detail.

• The teapot’s functional design includes a 9-hole filter in the spout, ensuring a smooth and consistent tea-pouring experience.

Unveiling the Secrets of Heini Clay:

• Exceptional Yixing clay, rich in iron oxide, undergoes meticulous firing techniques to achieve its distinctive black hue.

• The rarity of Heini clay teapots stems from the complex firing process, requiring the artist’s expertise to balance temperature and composition.

• Each batch of clay possesses a unique composition, necessitating careful testing before firing multiple teapots.

The Mystique of the Dragon:

• In Chinese culture, dragons symbolize nobility, honor, power, and ambition.

• Owning items adorned with dragon motifs is believed to bring good fortune and success.

Embrace the Experience:

• Brew your favorite tea in this exquisite Dragon Egg teapot, relishing the taste of perfectly steeped tea leaves.

• The sturdy gift box and artist’s certificate add to the teapot’s value and collectability.

Unleash the Dragon’s Power:

Indulge in the mastery of Yixing craftsmanship and the allure of Chinese symbolism with the Dragon Egg teapot. Its unique design, masterful craftsmanship, and auspicious symbolism make it a treasured addition to any tea connoisseur’s collection.


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