Glass Teacup with Acacia Stand and Porcelain Filter


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## Glass Tea Cup with Wooden Bottom and Porcelain Infuser

Indulge in the serene act of tea brewing with our exquisite Glass Tea Cup. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass with an impressive tolerance to high temperatures, this artisanal piece ensures years of unparalleled enjoyment.

**Exceptional Clarity:** Witness the mesmerizing dance of tea leaves as they unfurl in the crystal-clear glass. With its heat-resistant design and exceptional durability, each sip promises purity and undisturbed flavor.

**Handcrafted Finesse:** Each tea cup is meticulously hand-blown using the ancestral blow-hole technique. The seamless joint and delicate form exude elegance and durability, making it a cherished addition to any tea lover’s collection.

**Convenient Functionality:** The porcelain infuser provides a precise extraction, allowing you to enjoy the full complexity of your favorite teas. The ample capacity of 400ml offers ample space for a perfect cuppa.

**Versatile Enjoyment:** Beyond its role as a tea vessel, this versatile cup is also an ideal companion for coffee, hot or cold beverages. Its cozy wooden bottom adds a touch of warmth and charm, creating a delightful experience.


– Teapot:
– Length: 12.8 cm (5.04 inches)
– Width: 8.3 cm (3.27 inches)
– Height: 13.8 cm (5.43 inches)


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