Frozen Top Fragrant Oolong Tea from Taiwan’s Ali Mountain Core Production Area

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Storage method: sealed in dry and dark place
Shelf life: 730 days
Food additives: none
Shape of Oolong Tea Dry Tea: Knot-like
Origin: Taiwan
Packaging Type: Gift Box
Packaging method: bagging

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Its origin in Taiwan Lugu Township, and the altitude of the frozen top mountain range is 1000-2000 meters. Insisting on using soft branch Oolong varieties as raw materials, the Tea insists on hand-picking mode to pick fresh leaves. Even though the labor costs are high, it is all for making better frozen top Oolong tea. The frozen top mountain is the branch of Phoenix Mountain, because of the rainy mountains, slippery roads, cold climate and low ground temperature, tea farmers on the mountain must tighten their toes before walk on it (Taiwanese call it as frozen feet). The top of a mountain is called frozen top, and the foot of a mountain is called frozen foot. Frozen top Oolong belongs to the roasting tea by charcoal fire during fermentation. The tea color is golden brown, and the tea soup has charcoal roasted ripe fruit aroma, which tastes sweet and lasts very long.

The climate of Ali Mountain is cold, clouds cover in the morning and evening, and the average sunshine is short. So the bitter and astringent components of tea buds and leaves are reduced, thus the sweetness of tea is improved. At the same time, due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the tea plants grow very slowly. Thus, the leaves of tea buds are soft, the mesophyll is thick, and the pectin content is high and so on. These are the characteristics of Ali Alpine Tea. The temperature difference between day and night is a good environment for tea tree growth.
a li shan

Tea characteristics
  1. Tea is hemispherical in shape, dark green in color and faintly golden in edge.
  2. After brewing, the tea soup is golden in color and looks like amber-colored. With ripe fruit fragrance or strong flower fragrance, its taste is mellow and great, full of sweetness in the throat, and with a distinct roasting charm.
  3. Unfold the tea leaves, there are gray-white spots like frog skin. The leaves are curled into shrimp balls. The middle of the leaves is light green with red edges at the bottom. They are called “green leaves with red edges” or “green-pedicel, green-belly, red edges”.
  4. After brewing, the soup is orange yellow in color, with fragrance like Osman-thus fragrance, which has a mellow taste and a strong sweetness after taste.

The frozen top oolong tea is hemispherical in shape, dark green in color and has a natural fragrance. When brewing, the tea will naturally wash the lid of the pot. The soup is orange yellow in color, mellow in taste, with fragrant fragrance of Osman-thus. And it has strong sweetness after taste, and no residue left at the bottom of the cup after drinking. As for the quality, spring tea is the best, with high aroma, strong flavor and brilliant color; autumn tea is the second; summer tea is the worst.

The characteristics of frozen top oolong tea are as follows: its shape is hemispherical, its color is dark green and oil-like. The soup is bright yellow-green after brewing. And its fragrance is strong, its flower fragrance is slightly caramel-flavored, while its taste is rich in glycerol, and its brewing resistance is strong. Frozen top oolong tea is of excellent quality and has always been favored by consumers. It sells well in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

18 reviews for Frozen Top Fragrant Oolong Tea from Taiwan’s Ali Mountain Core Production Area

  1. Juhi

    This is my favourite tea EVER. Seriously. Taste is amazing, aroma is amazing. I love this tea. Great quality great price.

  2. TRB

    The tea is a beautiful green color, very fresh and wonderful aroma.The tea when brewed is very smooth and fragrant, this is my favorite oolong.

  3. AF

    Being a very picky green tea consumer who has been ordering organic, hand picked teas from Japan and Taiwan [and visited green tea farms there] – I am very satisfied with this product. Simply excellent.

  4. The Pheenix

    Very Good tea

  5. Credo

    Great tea well packed, worth the wait for it! If you like Ooolong green, this is a steal at this price. I’ll be getting more

  6. Patricia Malloy

    Good quality tea

  7. A customer

    This is a great tea, with a milky-coconut aroma and flavor, and creamy mouthfeel. The reason I’m confident that this is a natural process milk oolong is that the flavor persists through multiple steeping. As you infuse more times the flavor becomes milder, but it’s there. Thus, the flavor seems intrinsic to the tea rather than added. Even after multiple infusions, the quality of the leaf ensures very good flavor.Interestingly. the Wikipedia article on milk oolong, which speaks of the natural and aromatized versions, makes the point that the pronounced flavor achieved through aromatizing can indeed be achieved by proper, natural processing. Of course, the aromatized is an imitation of the real thing. I’ve looked at milk oolongs on Amazon for awhile, and am glad that I chose this one.

  8. Valued Customer

    this tea was good enuff for me to order another kilo just days after getting the 1st kiloI go thru a lot of tea every year(personally and commercially) and this ones a winneris y’alls top grade of this tea on here in a kilo?

  9. Camry Pilot

    This is a very good quality tea, some things are worth the money.

  10. The guard!

    I have drank many Taiwanese oolong teas brought straight from Taiwan. This tea has an excellent aroma as well as a naturally milky and silky flavor as well as an excellent silky aftertaste. I also examined the leaves to make sure they were whole and didn’t have many holes on the leaves themselves, you can tell this batch was carefully cultivated. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great “oolong milk” tea.

  11. Warren Routerbusch

    Use it as cold brew too and tastes great.

  12. Amazon Customer

    I love this tea. It was introduced to me by my Vietnamese friend who drinks it everyday. I must admit, since drinking it daily, I do feel better. Just overall better. This tea is very flavorful, not too strong, not too weak. Just right. I will continue to purchase it. I actually make ice tea from it. One thing I have noticed, you really do not have to use much.

  13. Beach Bums

    Delicious popcorn flavor

  14. Renee Phillips

    Smooth and creamy with an exceptional buttery palate. Love this tea. It’s an excellent version of a milk oolong.

  15. redshift

    This is my first experience with this type of unusual tea. The flavor is very unique, cream or buttery flavor on top of the expected “tea” flavor. Very aromatic. At first I tried to brew it in a cheese cloth bag and then a little perforated basket used for traditional loose tea. These devices are not needed and inhibited the flavor development. I then tried placing it loose in a teapot and adding the hot water. I was surprised to see the little tea pearls expand into full tea leaves. This allowed the full flavor to develop. There are very few small pieces so pouring from the pot directly to the cup was possible. The small spout on my teapot didn’t allow the whole leaves to pass through.

  16. Betty

    This is the first time I’ve bought and tried this tea. It has a nice flavor to it. I’ll buy again.

  17. ab

    I like a lot milky taste of this tea

  18. The Pheenix

    Very Good tea

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