Japanese Handmade Heat Resistant Glass Kung Fu Master’s Tea Cup Set with Hammered Design

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Origin: Qi County
Material: Glass
Style: Japanese Style

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* Gold Line Cup Edge
Gold line inlaid cup couth, luxury and all together, more enjoy the taste of tea.
* Liuling Cup Bottom
Liuling element combination, according to the sun, the wall changes, as stable as the bottom of Mount Tai.
* Texture of Rain Waterfall
Sparkling outline, touching and sighing texture , good view and quality.

Caliber: 6.9cm
Height: 4.1cm
Capacity: 70ml

This handmade Japanese hammere heat-resistant glass tea cup is ideal for making and serving Kung Fu tea. The transparent design allows you to witness its exquisite brewing process – like an expert appreciating his craftsmanship! Perfect for passionate tea enthusiasts and any collection.

This exquisite teacup boasts hand-hammered details for an elegant aesthetic that never goes out of style. Crafted from heat resistant borosilicate glass, it can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or shattering while its lightweight design makes it easy to transport while remaining heatproof for easy holding while hot.

This teacup is 100% food-safe and free from harmful chemicals, giving you complete peace of mind when serving up a cup of oolong or other classic Chinese tea ceremony. A timeless essential in every kitchen!

Made from high quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass and featuring hand hammered texture around its body. Lightweight design makes this ideal for transport.
Transparent design to let you enjoy watching the beauty of the brewing process; 100% food safe without harmful chemicals

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6 reviews for Japanese Handmade Heat Resistant Glass Kung Fu Master’s Tea Cup Set with Hammered Design

  1. Emma

    These tea cups are perfect for its intended use as well as for shots, saki, sushi dipping sauce! They are too cute and adorable not to love. I ordered another 2 sets so I have enough for dinner parties and family gatherings.

  2. So called

    It’s very good, beautiful and of good quality

  3. Ben Na Library

    package is very exquisite, the price is affordable, the quality is also very good! The glass is quite thick

  4. Sinitar

    Thick and good-looking, super practical, the key is very beautiful, very practical

  5. Bei Jin De

    glass is relatively clear.

  6. So called

    There’s nothing to say about this face. I love it. It’s worth it.

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