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Product Category: Biluochun
Import or not: No
Origin: Sichuan
Seller-to-Seller: Bulk
Raw Materials and Ingredients: Fresh Spring Leaves
Internal Packaging: Aluminum Pocket
Specialty: Yes.
Warranty period: more than 12 months
Storage method: refrigeration
Don’t be too expensive and not blistering, just a little thick, but the taste is smooth and pleasant.

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Non-reproducible Mengshan Architecture Speaking with Data

“Yangtze River, Mengshan Top Tea”, praises the famous Mengding Mountain Tea in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. Every year before the Qingming Festival, the neat tea ridges around the roof are arranged in rows. Every morning, there are diligent tea pickers in the ridge. They are skillfully picking tender tea with their hands flying over the small bamboo cage on their waist. In the morning and noon, there is a sea of people in the famous tea market such as Shuanghe Heimao.

  • Dry tea: dark green roll, light chestnut fragrance, with oil
  • Moistening tea: 85 degree boiling water gently roll down the tea
  • Brewing: Fresh light tea aroma overflowing cup
  • Freshness: Live with Water and Blossom Second Life

This is the authentic Maofeng. The soup is delicate and soft, with a strong aftertaste and a slight sweetness. The bottom of the leaves is symmetrical and intact. It is mainly spring leaves.

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