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Bamboo Yixing Teapot with Yellow Duanni Clay by Li Xiao Lu, 160ml


Clay type:Duan ni clay
Content:160ml (5.4oz)
Measures:12.1×5.6cm (4.7×2.2in)

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Yellow Duanni Bamboo Teapot: A masterpiece of art and craftsmanship

Brew your favorite tea with this exquisite yellow Duanni clay teapot. The finest quality, hand-selected clay gives this teapot its rare and radiant natural yellow hue. With its excellent breathability and natural ability to absorb tea aroma and flavor over time, experience a heightened tea drinking experience.

The elegance of this teapot lies in its artistic design. Hand-carved with intricate bamboo and Chinese calligraphy on each side, it’s not just a vessel to make tea, but a symbol of beauty and tradition. Bamboo represents integrity, humility, loyalty, and elegance in Chinese culture. As you sip your tea from this teapot, let its symbolism inspire a clear and vibrant mindset.

The teapot’s practical design complements its grace. Its 160ml capacity and 14-hole filter ensure an even pour, and its smooth and round shape, comfortable handle, and secure lid offer ease of use. Each sip is an experience of harmony between art and functionality.

Gift yourself or a loved one this exceptional Yixing teapot. Its beauty and quality will last generations, continuing the legacy of tea culture and the elegance of craftsmanship.


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