Handmade Yixing Purple Sand Teapot from Raw Mine


Equipped with Tea tray or not: No
Material: Purple Sand
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: hand-painted
Tea ceremony accessories: Yes.
Origin: Yixing
Product Quality Grade: First Class

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Total diameter: 15.5CM Caliber: 6.3CM Total height: 7CM

Purple sand pot is most famous for Yixing purple sand pot. Yixing purple sand pot does not capture the true fragrance of tea and has no cooked soup gas. It can keep the color, fragrance and taste of tea for a long time. Purple sand tea set is also popular because of its simple and unique shape and excellent temperament. After tea soaking and hand-rubbing, it will become ancient jade color. Purple mud is indeed a unique raw material in Yixing. It has the necessary chemical composition and mineral composition for making pottery.
The collection of purple sand pots is the representative of tea culture. Because you don’t know about purple sand pots, so it seems there is no way to collect it. Experts teach you to collect purple sand pots from three aspects, namely, style, craftsmanship and mud.

Purple sand ore-soil is mainly composed of quartz, clay, hydromica and hematite, and its finished purple sand mud has good plasticity, high green strength, drying, small sintering shrinkage rate and other good processes, and has become a world-famous pottery.

Maintenance of teapots
Step 1: Make stomata smooth

Put the teapot into the pan and add cold water. Boil for 5-10 minutes. Take out and put aside until it is cool naturally.
This step can remove the surface particles of teapot, make purple sand stomata open, and make tea more breathable!

Step 2: Get rid of fire gas

Put tofu in the teapot, press it tightly, put it into pan and add cold water, and boil for 5-10 minutes.
Take out and rinse with hot water. Cool naturally. This step can remove the fire gas of purple sand fired at high temperature.

Step 3: Fix the taste

If it is green tea or Tie Guanyin brewed, please add green tea or Tie Guanyin into the pan and add cold water (tea volume is one third of the teapot).
Boil the pot and tea together for 5-10 minutes. Take out and dry naturally. The purpose of this step is to fix the taste! Tea will be more fragrant in the future brewing.


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