Black Ceramic Automatic Tea Infuser Gongfu Tea Set


Includes: 1 Tea Tray, 1 Teapot, 8 Tea Cups, 1 Fair Cup, 1 Tea Utensil Set.

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Black Ceramic Automatic Gongfu Tea Set

Immerse yourself in the ancient Chinese tea ceremony with the exquisite Black Ceramic Automatic Gongfu Tea Set. Crafted from the finest raw kaolin, this set undergoes a meticulous firing process at 1300°C in the renowned Dehua, Fujian Province. Bid farewell to tedious tea making procedures; our automatic tea set streamlines the process while safeguarding you against scalding.

With a simple twist of the handle, the porcelain pieces deftly align and misalign, allowing water to flow seamlessly. This unique design not only captivates the senses but also ensures effortless brewing. The built-in filtration system effectively captures tea leaves, providing a purified and flavorful brew.

The tea tray boasts an ample water storage capacity, eliminating frequent refills and facilitating effortless cleaning. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey as you discover the art of Gongfu tea brewing with this visually stunning set. Embrace the tranquility and indulge in the nuanced flavors and aromas of your favorite tea.

Elevate your tea experience with the Black Ceramic Automatic Gongfu Tea Set, a testament to traditional Chinese craftsmanship and artistry. Share moments of pure bliss as you savor each sip, enveloped in the immersive ambiance of this exquisite tea set.


  • Effortless, automatic brewing mechanism
  • Built-in filtration system for a purified brew
  • Unique misalignment design for seamless water flow
  • Ample water storage capacity in the tea tray
  • Visually captivating blend of beauty and functionality
  • Complete set with all necessary tea utensils


  • Tea Tray: Length 27.8 cm (10.94 inches), Width 27.8 cm (10.94 inches), Height 4 cm (1.57 inches)
  • Teapot: Length 12.3 cm (4.84 inches), Height 6.9 cm (2.72 inches), Capacity: 160 ml (5.41 oz)
  • Tea Cups: Length 7 cm (2.76 inches), Height 3.5 cm (1.38 inches), Capacity: 40 ml (1.35 oz)
  • Fair Cup: Length 14.4 cm (5.67 inches), Height 6.8 cm (2.68 inches), Capacity: 160ml (5.41 oz)
  • Tea Utensil Sets: Length 10.5 cm (4.13 inches), Height 18cm (7.09 inches)

Treat yourself or a loved one to the Black Ceramic Automatic Gongfu Tea Set and immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Chinese tea.

Material: Black Ceramic


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